Baby it’s Cold Outside

Baby it’s Cold Outside – Christmas is about the warm and fuzzies. Do something which you think will warm someone’s heart. Can be a partner or someone else. Can be naughty or nice.

The above is the prompt for day 7 of The SWC Kinky Community Advent Calendar. At first I was totally stumped as to what to do for this prompt, and then I remembered!

Some weeks ago my best friend commented on one of my photos on Instagram. The photo was of a off-white beanie and scarf I had crocheted for our youngest daughter. My friend loved it, so I asked her if I should make her one too.

Friend: Oh yes, that will be so nice!
Me: What color?
Friend: Something with blue or green.
Me: Great, I will get the wool and make you one.

Less than half an hour later, she messaged me again.

Friend: I don’t want you to buy new wool. My prized possession is the painting you had made of our dogs, and it still hangs in our living room. I want you to use all rest pieces of wool you have and make me a real personalized ‘Marie-beanie’.

Challenge accepted!

I started on it, and of course I wanted to have some kind of ‘pattern’ in it, which turned out to be quite a nice combination of colors. What my friend doesn’t know is that I have also made her a scarf. I can’t wait to see her face when I hand her this present, and I am sure this is going to keep her warm when it’s cold outside.

And I think I perfectly executed today’s advent task!

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