8 Maids a’ Milking aka nipple play

8 Maids a’ Milking – Either intense Nipple play or Cock play for 8 minutes.

The prompt for day 8 made me think of a recent nipple play during one of our sessions.

There are different scenarios during our sessions, where either Master T pinches one of my nipples while his other hand is between my legs, or he pinches both nipples while I have my hand between my legs. But, he also reverts to telling me to pinch my nipples.

You see, nipple play – especially when painful – combined with clitoral play, tends to intensify my orgasm. However, when I pinch my own nipples, this doesn’t really work, as my touch is never as firm as Master T’s.

Recent nipple play

So, on this one night, when Master T told me to pinch my nipples, I groaned and dared to ask: do you have clamps nearby. Instantly Master T turned around, opened the drawer of his bedside cabinet and out came… clover clamps. I had totally forgotten that he had put those there, and immediately I said: “I am going to hate myself for this.”

And, oh my gosh, how they hurt. The pain was continuous. A burning, pinching sensation, which both distracted me from other pleasures, as well as intensified those pleasures. I definitely hated myself. Why in the world would I ask for clamps?

I think I had them on my nipples for about ten minutes, and also had a couple of orgasms during that time. I begged – literally begged – Master T to take them off, which thankfully he did! Of course I thanked him for taking them off, and cuddled in his arms for a while to come down from the intense pain, all the while thinking: my poor nipples!

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12 thoughts on “8 Maids a’ Milking aka nipple play

  1. Ooh goodness … nipple clamps definitely not for me Marie !!!
    I enjoy administering to others of course … but not to be the recipient.
    So I really do feel your pain when looking at your photo !!!
    Xxx – K

    1. These clover clamps are really mean… and still sometimes I just crave the pain 😉 xox

    1. I just might have to print these and send them out… not to family of course 😉
      And I don’t know if I was brave or a bit stupid haha

  2. I’ve never tried clovers but the masochistic part of me really wants to 🙂
    8t seems to look lovely on you 😉

    1. You should really try them, especially since you do have that masochistic part 😉

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