20 minutes to orgasm

20 minutes to orgasm – Either for yourself or someone else, this is about 20 minutes of pure pleasure so just kick back and enjoy!

It will come as no surprise that we have several toys in our toy box, and for a very long time the Doxy was my absolute favorite. Unfortunately, with kids in the house, I needed something quieter, and that’s where the Womanizer came in. It’s quiet, and can be used in a house full of people without them knowing you are using it, unless you cry out in climax, of course!

Some weeks ago I received another sucking toy. This one is not as quiet as the Womanizer, but in no way noisy either, and it has a large mouth that easily closes over my clitoris and clitoral hood piercing. This was my choice for the toy to use to execute the task ’20 minutes to orgasm’.

Did I succeed in this task?

I would say: yes, more or less…

I kept an eye on the clock when I started, and still had my eyes on the clock 5 minutes later, but then I got a bit distracted. Really want wanting to last the full 20 minutes before I allow my orgasm, I kept my eye on the clock. However, the vibrations between my legs distracted me so much, that I forgot about the time. I surrendered to those vibrations, and the sucking of course, and a moan escaped my mouth when my orgasm took hold of me.

Do I have a new favorite toy? I think I do…

An image of me wearing stockings, a Christmas tree in the foreground and playing with a toy for 20 minutes to bring me to orgasm.
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