13 Things about D/s

13 Things about D/s – Today’s gift is to list 13 things that you love about Dominance or submission then share for us here or on your blog.

An image of me on the floor, cuffs around my wrists, and wearing a lace dress, to illustrate my post: 13 Things about D/s.
Just like yesterday, an image from 2013, taken on a day that will forever be in my memory.

I love making lists, but when I have to make lists of things that I like or want, I always struggle. That said, this is my list of 13 things I love about D/s… in no particular order…

One – Connection

Ever since Master T and I met back in 2002, we had a special connection. I have said before: we are one of those “annoying” couples who are each other’s best friends, soulmates and lovers, we never argue about anything, and we complete each other’s sentences.

When we started our D/s, that connection deepened, and it’s still as strong as it ever was.

Two – Control

When I see this word, I think about both giving up control, and being under Master T’s control. For the past years, I couldn’t give up the control to him, but this is slowly changing again, and I am sure it will free up some space in my mind, when I can just had over control to him, and just be.

Three – Spanking

I do love a good spanking, one that is built up from soft to harder, and gets me to the point where I can just let go of all the tension in my body, and lean into the pain. I don’t get a lot of those, but do get the occasional spanks from Master T, which always make me crave more. And, just for the record, I do like a good flogging too!

Four – Collars

I love the feeling of a collar around my neck, and would actually want to wear one every day. Sadly, that’s not possible, due to work and family, and not wanting to see ‘those’ glances or have to explain what it is. It’s been a long time since I wore a play collar, but I am sure it will happen again, but all throughout our low D/s, I have always worn my sleep collar at night. It’s a ritual for Master T to put it around my neck once we are in bed, and it’s one he never forgot, no matter how bad his health was.

Five – Belonging

D/s has given me that extra sense of belonging; of being special; of being his. It might have felt more or less the same without the D/s but having it in place has given us that extra layer. I like to know I am his, and often refer to myself as his possession. It makes me feel safe.

Six – Orgasm

Of course I love all the orgasms Master T gives me, even those he forces out of me after I had the big O and can hardly bear to be touched. Recently he started to deny me my orgasms, and where it can be quite frustrating, I love the way he shows me that he owns my orgasms, which is also why I have to ask for permission to climax.

Seven – Rules

I need rules in all aspects of my life, as it helps me to feel in control when I know what is expected of me. For years, I used to have a short list of rules, but most of them are not in place anymore because of the low period we have gone through. I am sure that it won’t be long before Master T reinstates some of those rules, and maybe even come up with new ones.

Eight – Vampires

I can see you frowning there: what does vampires have to do with D/s. With this point I am referring to my love of those vampire gloves, and how it feels to be spanked with them. The thing that draws me the most about the vampire gloves (or the vampire paddle we also own), is the fact that it draws blood from my body, and the dramatic effect it has.

Nine – Cuffs

The moment the leather cuffs close around my wrist, a certain calm runs through my body. It has the same effect as when a collar is put around my neck. It intensifies the feeling of belonging, it emphasizes the giving up of control. And when he clips those cuffs together, and hook me onto a chain, I am his to do whatever he desires.

Ten – Training

Back in the beginning of our D/s, Master T has come up with a couple of ideas for training, such as training me to be able to wear a butt plug for a longer period of time, but also to be patient and in different submissive positions. Oh and if I remember correctly, even deep-throat training. I might just mention to him that I need to get used to the butt plug again…

Eleven – Being used

If many years ago you would’ve asked me if I wanted to be used by a man, I would have declared you craze to even ask something like that. But, over the years I have come to the conclusion that it’s something I enjoy: to be used for another’s pleasure. And especially for Master T’s pleasure, even though he wasn’t always the one doing the using part.

Twelve – Crawling

I discovered my kink for crawling purely by accident. I was sitting on the couch, and Master T told me to come to him where he sat in his recliner. It was only about three meters, but I spontaneously got on my hands and knees and crawled to him. The submissive feelings were overwhelming, and every time I crawled to him after that, I felt the same. Now I can’t be on my knees too much anymore (doctor’s orders), but I think it’s time for me to start crawling again.

Thirteen – Love

I started my 13 things with our connection, and I am ending it with our love. Love is the most important thing between us, and all the rest is just more ways for us to express our love to each other. Yes, even when he spanks me. Or pinches me. And also when he draws blood from my body, or causes me pain. Our love is strong, and I know we are privileged to have what we have. I am grateful for that.

So there you have my 13 things that I love about D/s, and I probably could’ve come up with more!

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  1. Aww what a lovely post. It is interesting to see what each person has written and compare notes. Fab list Marie. I am with you on those. Missy x

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