Almost 10 years of D/s… our journey

His mark…

When I wrote the title, I could hardly believe it. Almost 10 years? I searched my blog and yes, it really is almost 10 years ago that we embarked on this journey. On 26 January 2011 we made our D/s commitment, and besides getting married, this is the best decision we have ever made.

Our marriage

The one thing we have said from the very beginning, is that our marriage always comes first. Where our commitment to be D/s was and still is a confirmation of the connection between us, we both felt our first priority will always be our marriage. We are husband and wife first, Dom and sub second. Yes, the two are heavily intertwined, but if we ever get to the point where we can’t do our D/s anymore — I can’t imagine such a moment — then our marriage will still be there.

Weeks of frenzy

Oh I so remember those first weeks of frenzy. From the moment we made our commitment, that very first night, things started happening. Every night, for weeks. Master T spanked me, whipped me, and gently started to use the cane on me. He pinched my nipples, made me kneel, and forced his cock in my mouth. His rules were added, such as asking for permission to orgasm, and never looking him in the eye when I had a play collar around my neck. He came up with different kinds of training — ass and patience.

New things were happening at such a high pace, that we needed to slow down, and did so after a couple of months. The frenzy was gone, but there were still so many things we wanted to do.

Meeting others for play

One of those things was to meet other people for play. By then we both had active Twitter accounts and had come in contact with like-minded people. We went to two munches, but those were no really or us. Our ‘modus operandi’ became to meet people in a public setting, for a drink, lunch or dinner, to see whether there was a click in real life as much as online. Once that was confirmed, we moved on to make an appointment for a more sexy and intimate setting.

We had some brilliant playdates, like those that last an entire weekend with Master R and Dena, or the erotic massage date with Master B. A couple of times we met The Traveler in person, but he also gave me tasks to do. And then of course there were those weekends with Sophia, a date with The Talker and our encounters with Mister Silent.

These are not the only sexy people we have met, and not all of these people are still in our lives. I hope that once the world has more or less returned to normal, it will be possible to have some sexy dates again.

Years of low, but…

Anyone who is a regular reader of my words, will know that these past 4 years we went through difficult times, health wise. Mostly Master T’s health, but there was also my severe dip after my mom passed away. Both of us went through a period of depression, and in addition to that Master T was in physical pain 24/7. We both had our hands full with ourselves. There was just no room for D/s.

But… the connection was always there. Every night Master T put my night collar on. Every night he confirmed to me that our D/s wasn’t gone, just a bit dormant. I had my days when I really despaired, and wondered if it would ever return. Sometimes it took me days to have the courage to check with Master T, and he always assured me that he missed it as much as I did, and that we will get back to it.

Continuing our journey

And here were are now, slowly getting back to it. Neither of us are rushing anything. We both have faith that our D/s will get back to the level where it was before. It might not look entirely the same as before. I’m sure Master T wants us to have those sexy dates again as much as I want them, but time might show that it doesn’t fit into our lives anymore.

That’s not our main goal for now. What we want to focus on is us. We want to build our D/s up again to something we feel comfortable with. I need to re-learn how to let go of control, because after four years of taking control in our daily lives, and taking care of Master T, I have difficulty to just let go. Another thing is that my pain tolerance is totally zero at this moment. That needs to be built up again. Of course we also have to look at my rules again, as some physical things have changed in the past years.

I am just grateful that we have gotten through the past few years, and came out on the other side in one piece, our love and commitment still intact, a firm base for our marriage.

I’m excited for the months to come… who knows where our D/s journey will lead us next!

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10 thoughts on “Almost 10 years of D/s… our journey

  1. Oh this is such a lovely post to read Marie … your words (and photos), your journey, your resolve, your sincerity … has always been an inspiration!!!
    I’m looking forward to reading you here for years to come … and especially for your 20th anniversary !!!
    Xxx – K

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, K. And thank you for continuing to read my blog 🙂 xox

  2. I love that your relationship has changed and shaped around you to what you needed it to be at that time. I think that never letting go of what is at the heart of it is the secret. It can be more or it can be less but it is still always there. I look forward to reading about where you go next. Missy x

    1. I don’t think I can ever live without it being there, however minimal. Of course I want and need more, and I know we will get back to a different level than we are now, but I also know our D/s will never be gone xox

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