Place value upon my being, not my body

My body is not yours to critique and discuss. My body is not yours for consumption. My body is my vessel. An archive of experiences. A weapon that has fought battles only I understand. A library of love, pain, struggle, victory, and mystery. Your eyes cannot define all it has endured. Do not place value upon my body, place it upon my being.

~ Sophie Lewis

During one of my photo sessions with the camera on a tiny tripod so I could take photos from a lower perspective, I caught an image of me on my mobile phone (which I use as remote). The image intrigued me so much, that I turned to the camera, checked to center myself on the remote screen and snapped a couple of images.

What intrigued me so much?

When I saw that flash of myself in the screen, I thought ‘it’s beautiful’, and that thought intrigued me. I realized once more how far I have come. How different I am from who I was for many years, seeing only imperfections, and totally forgetting to be kind to myself, kind to my body.

I look at the quote above, and know I have always been my biggest and fiercest critic. Before anyone could bring me down, I already did, a million times.


… my body is my vessel
… it is an archive of experiences
… has been a weapon that fought so many battlers
… it’s a library of everything mentioned in the quote, and more

I have finally reached the point in my life where I don’t place value upon my body, but upon my being. It’s liberating. It brings me peace. And it makes me see the beauty, where before I wouldn’t have.

An image of me showing part of my body, such as legs, tummy and hands.

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13 thoughts on “Place value upon my being, not my body

  1. What a wonderful quote we should all treasure and a brilliant image Marie – for so many reasons – the edit works perfectly, simplifies it against the dark background – and your pose fits so well
    May xx

  2. The way you place your hands so delicately on your lap, it looks so peaceful. There is so much beauty inside this body, as well as from the view outside 🙂

  3. There is so much beauty in the world if we open our mind to see it.
    Congratulations on getting past your old concept of beauty. Reading your words I don’t have to see your images to know your beauty. Although I do admire and like the pics you post!
    Great post.

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