No Consent: Kim (1)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Kim (1)
August 1994

Continued from… Relaxation and realization

7 August
Early the next morning, the children on Annie’s bed, while she drank the coffee Melanie had brought her. Just like the night before, Annie enjoyed the company of the kids, again realizing how much she missed it. The children talked non-stop — about school, about sport, about friends. They talked about all the things for which there never seemed to be time.

“Mommy, mommy!” Annie’s son suddenly called out, “The tooth fairy was naughty!”
Annie noticed that he had her purse in his hand and immediately realized what he had discovered.
“Why?” Annie asked with great display.
“She hid my tooth in your purse!”
“Such a naughty fairy!” Annie responded, “But, you know, maybe she did it because one of you almost caught her. I’ll leave my purse on my bedside table tonight. I’m sure she’ll be back for the tooth.”
The boy was happy with this explanation.

Disappointment coursed through her veins when Annie saw Fred’s car driving into the yard and pulling up to the garage. They were back earlier than she expected.

Once all the meat was out of the car and in the freezer, Fred went to get Kim’s letter. Annie still remembered the contents of it. She was a teacher at a high school and in her letter, she said she identified as lesbian. In spite of the failure with Sylvia, Fred was still adamant they should approach this woman too. That is why he had ordered Annie to make the call.

Very soon, Kim would arrive on the smallholding. Being acquainted with a woman before any intimate appointments were made, was one of the conditions that Annie and Fran laid down. The women on the smallholding didn’t want to jump into bed yet again with the first woman who came along. Their cautiousness didn’t impress Fred. Nevertheless, he decided to see what they could come up with. On the other hand, both Annie and Fran hoped that doing it their way would bring Fred to other insights. They hoped that his crazy lust for more women would stop. In principal, they had nothing against the club, because they would both love to play cupid for lonely women. What they were against was the fact that Fred was only doing this for his own benefit.

Exactly on time a car drove up the driveway. A broad-shouldered woman with short, blonde hair got out of the car, and in her jeans and jersey, complemented by sport shoes, she walked over to the door with a firm, masculine stride. Her blue jeans, jersey and
“You ladies go inside,” Fred said after the first introductions, “I’ll be in shortly.”
“Kim,” Fran invited, “please come in.”
Fran led the way into the house. The three women sat down at the table in the kitchen.

“Kim, please tell us about yourself,” Fran requested after Annie had provided everyone with a drink.
“Yes. Where shall I start? I’m a teacher and in the afternoons, I coach a hockey team. I live alone in a big house. Up to now, I’d been in one relationship. I would love to have a girlfriend again, because I’m lonely and longing for company. Please, tell me more about the club?” Kim asked, seemingly quite sure of herself.

Annie had already decided not to answer any questions about the club. She left it to Fran to deal with this subject.
“We don’t have a lot of members yet, as we actually just started the club. We insist to meet all the members personally, because we don’t want any shady characters to drag our name through the mud,” Fran laughed in her finicky manner, which boundlessly irritated Annie. She listened with growing disbelief what Fran told Kim about the club.

“Up to now we’ve asked every new member we approved to spend a night with us. Then the four of us make love.”
Annie noticed a shade of Kim’s self-confidence disappearing. Fran didn’t see the obvious change in the woman’s body language.

“When the four of us make love, Fred doesn’t want to screw with Annie or me. No, Kim,” Fran continued, and made it sound as if she was about to reveal a huge secret. Yet again the pedantic smile appeared, “he then only wants to make love to you. Would you object to that?”

Kim clearly felt uneasy by this direct approach. She answered too quickly to Annie’s liking.
“No objections at all. I will have to prepare myself mentally, though. If your husband is careful, it will be okay, right?”
From this, Annie guessed that Kim never had sex with a man before.
“He will be careful, Kim, don’t worry,” Fran assured her. “And, if you decide to join us, you will spend the night with Fred. Then you can do what you want as many times as you want. And believe you me, Fred is inexhaustible.”

Annie had to stop her jaw from dropping in disbelief. How can Fran tell a total stranger all these things? A blind person would have been able to see that Kim was shocked by all that she heard. She was quiet after the last bit of information disclosed by Fran.

Annie was lost in thought, but she still faintly heard how Fran dwelled on Fred’s libido. One thought kept on repeating itself in Annie’s head — like a broken record. Fran was doing what Fred brainwashed her to do: arrange a new pussy for him to fuck. That way he did not have to go out on the streets to look for a whore, as he had done years before.

To be continued… Kim (2)

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