No Consent: Relaxation and realization

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Relaxation and realization
August 1994

Continued from… The magazine

4 August
“Stop! Both of you! Leave! Go sleep in Annie’s room!”
Fred grabbed his cigarettes. Annie and Fran looked at him in surprise. Everything had been going perfectly and they had almost brought their lovemaking to a climax when suddenly Fred backed out.

“Fred, what’s wrong?” Fran dared to ask.
“You want to know what’s wrong? The two of you have no idea how to excite a man. You’re just muddling along and you thought I wouldn’t see it. Bugger off! Scram!”
Annie left for her own room, not in the mood to reason with Fred. She heard Fran still trying to calm her husband down. Fifteen minutes had passed before Fran joined her.

“He’s drunk and now he blames us,” was Fran’s interpretation of what had just happened. Annie didn’t even answer her. She turned her back on Fran, closed her eyes and tried to sleep.

6 August
It’s Saturday evening, and Annie was watching a movie on television. Oh, how she missed just hanging on the couch like this. Fred resented movies on television and he never allowed Fran or Annie to watch the movies either. However, the couple wasn’t home. They went to Fred’s brother for the weekend, where a cow would be slaughtered and the meat brought back home. Annie was ordered to stay home, but she didn’t mind. The moment she realized she would have a weekend of rest, she looked forward to it, especially since it would be a weekend without the now normal boring routine that would include obligatory sex.

Before they left, Fred had ordered Annie to make two phone calls while he was away. She had to call two women who wanted more information about the club. Fred knew Annie disliked making the phone calls, but he also knew that Annie would do what he ordered.

The calls had not been as bad as Annie had expected. First, she called Kim. They set an appointment for late on Sunday afternoon. Kim would come to the smallholding to meet Fred, Fran and Annie.

The second call was to Helena, an uncomplicated, spontaneous Greek girl, with whom Annie had a lengthy, relaxed chat. In the conversation, Annie learnt that Helena’s son was in Greece with his father. Helena didn’t want to make any appointments before he returned in a couple of days. Ending the conversation, she promised to call as soon as she was ready to make an appointment.

With her duties done, Annie prepared a light meal. After that, she went to the big living room with the kids, to watch television. Annie tried to spend as much time as possible with her kids, but it was far less than she wanted to. Fred called the shots, which meant that she sometimes had to tuck the kids in earlier than she would normally have done before they came to live on the smallholding. Now that Fred and Fran were gone, she had the opportunity to spoil the kids a bit by not letting them go to bed on time.

Her son sat on one side of her and her daughter on the other. The youngest daughter of Fred and Fran, Elaine, was next to Annie’s daughter. Melanie was on the floor in front of Annie, leaning against the couch. Everyone was relaxed.
“Mommy, look,” her son said, “my tooth.”
Excited Annie looked in his mouth.
“Shall I take it out?” she asked her youngest.
“Yes, then the tooth fairy can bring me some money tonight!” he said excitedly and Annie felt tears in her eyes. God, how she missed her kids, even though they lived under the same roof as she did. How could she get them all out of here? Why did she ever agree to move to the smallholding? She pushed all depressing thoughts to the back of her mind, wanting to enjoy every minute of these special moments with her kids.

After some persuasion, her son allowed her to take the tooth out of his mouth. With great care, he went to put the tooth under his pillow.

Much later that evening, when the kids were already asleep, Annie went to her bedroom. On her way there, she carefully took the tooth out from under her son’s pillow and left him a coin in the place of it. For the moment, she put the tooth in her purse.

Once in her bed, the depressing thoughts return, and that night she cried herself to sleep, unable to think of any solution to rescue herself from Fred’s claws.

To be continued… Kim (1)

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