No Consent: Sylvia (2)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Sylvia (2)
July 1994

Continued from… Sylvia (1)

Later that evening Fred requested Annie and Fran to give him a few moments alone with Sylvia. They instantly obliged. Fred was calmer than the evenings when Mandy and Heidi stayed over, probably because Sylvia didn’t excite him as much as those two did. Sylvia was definitely not the dream woman he would like to have for an sex-filled evening.

Annie and Fran gladly busied themselves in the kitchen. They didn’t feel the need to go outside repeatedly to keep an eye on things. Much later Fred entered the kitchen.
“Annie, go outside and sit with Sylvia.”

Annie knew better than to voice her protest. She dragged her feet to go outside, feeling like a lamb brought to slaughter. She sat down, and she and Sylvia didn’t speak to each other. It was quite a while later before the married couple came outside.

“Sylvia and I had a nice talk and Sylvia was quite frank with me. And I was frank with her,” Fred broke the silence. “She told me she had a relationship that lasted for quite some years. The other woman was married and her husband didn’t treat her well. Sylvia always took care of her friend when she needed it. After her friend’s divorce, she and Sylvia lived together for almost two years. Sylvia was living her dream and did everything she could to create a pleasant home for the two of them. They were happy, until her friend fell in love and moved in with another man. Apparently, she had an affair with the man long before she moved out. The relationship ended with a huge fight, after which Sylvia decided to move from the small town where they lived, to the city.”

Fred took a sip of his drink before he continued.

“Sylvia has never had sex with a man before, but…”
Fred confidently smiled at Sylvia with an almost-unnatural expression of understanding on his face. He reassuringly rested his hand on her shoulder, “Sylvia has consented to at least try to have sex with a man. I promised her I would be very careful.”

Annie had to fight the gall-bitter revulsion rising up in her. How manipulative can a man be to convince a scared woman, who identifies as lesbian, to have sex with him?

“… not tonight,” Annie became aware of Fred’s voice again, “Sylvia first want to get used to us. Tomorrow night she will take the biggest step of her life. So ladies, therefore tonight we are going to have a cozy evening with barbecue, chatting and relaxation. Fran, where’s the meat?”

No one could deny that it was indeed a very nice evening. The mix of no obligations, relaxed moods, the clean, crisp evening air and most of all Fred’s charming attitude towards the three women, made everyone enjoy the evening.

Sylvia spent the night in Annie’s bed, while both Fran and Annie slept in the same bed as Fred.

30 July
Fred woke Annie very early to take Sylvia to her work. Fran was awake too and decided to join Annie for the drive. Only on their way back, Annie realized Fran had a double agenda. She wanted to discuss the “Case Sylvia”.

“Annie, I’m not at ease about this thing with Sylvia. I don’t think Fred has any idea what he has started,” Fran remarked.
“Last night was nice,” Annie agreed, “but I don’t like the idea for tonight. You’re right; Fred doesn’t know what he’s doing.”
“It’s bound to be a failure,” Fran said.
“Well, it’s not like we have experienced any successes yet,” Annie said, with a sarcastic undertone which Fran seemed to miss.
“When we get home, will you help me to talk this crazy idea out of Fred’s head?” Fran asked and Annie immediately agreed.

They tried a number of times to make Fred change his mind, but he didn’t want to listen to them.
“We’re going ahead with the plans as discussed. Now both of you stop nagging!” was his angry and dismissing words.
Annie and Fran gave it up, both with the same feeling: if he didn’t want to listen, Fred should accept whatever the consequences of the evening might be.

Sylvia called late that afternoon for Annie and Fran to pick her up again.
“She didn’t have to call us,” Annie said the moment they left the smallholding.
“Why?” Fran asked, a little surprised.
“Sylvia took all her stuff with her this morning. She really had no reason to call us, because none of her things stayed behind on the smallholding,” Annie explained. Fran failed to see what Annie meant. “Fran, the fact that she phoned us to pick her up again, in spite of the fact that none of her things are on the smallholding, means only one thing to me: she wants Fred to fuck her!” Annie realized that such a crass remark crossed her lips a lot easier when she was angry.

At last, Fran understood what Annie meant. The two women now felt the same towards Sylvia than they felt towards Fred. Both of them had the chance to think twice before they continue with the crazy plans for that evening. Both of them would have to carry the consequences of their individual decisions.

In her full-length dressing gown, Sylvia sat on the closed lid of the toilet, watching Annie and Fran while they bathed readied themselves for the evening. An embarrassed expression on her face said it all.

“Come on Sylvia, get in with is. There’s enough room for you too,” Fran invited her for the umpteenth time.
“No, don’t worry. I’ll wait until you two are done. There’s definitely not enough room for me,” was her reply.

When Annie and Fran had finished, Sylvia quickly undressed and got into the bath. Trying to hide as much of her body as possible, she bathed. When she got out of the bath, she donned her dressing gown again.

In the bedroom, Fran asked Sylvia to lie down on the bed, on her back. Sylvia refused to take her gown off.
“Just relax, Sylvia. We will do the rest,” Fran soothed her, while slowly unbuttoning the gown.

To be continued… Sylvia (3)

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