Fifteen years… fifteen random things

An image of our hands, showing our wedding rings as today we celebrate fifteen years of marriage.
Our hands, mine in top of his, showing our wedding rings…

Today is a special day, a day of celebration, and because of that, I want to share fifteen things from our life with you…

Life… the first five of the fifteen

  1. Both our moms passed away, his in 2011 and mine 6 years later. We sat next to his mom’s bed for her last three weeks. I stayed at my mom’s bedside for her last eleven days.
  2. We combined our two separate families to be one, and when all of us are together, we look at the love shared between our children, and we know we have done well.
  3. One child left the house in 2019, and the next will leave the house anytime between now and the next six months, which means Master T and I will be together after that. Now we’ve already had time to practice as our youngest is gone every weekend, but it’s going to be something to be together all the time.
  4. In 2010 our first grandchild was born, and in 2014 the second. I was present at both births, and both of those moments were some of the most precious in my life.

Health… something everyone should treasure

  1. We both went through some very low times, Master T with his health, which had him depressed for months and seeing a psychologist, and me having a burnout in 2012 and then a very deep low in the year after my mom had passed.
  2. We supported each other in difficult times. Master T supported me when I had my burnout, and again when I hurt my ankle so badly that I had to walk with crutches for weeks, and could only leave the house in a wheelchair. And of course I supported Master T in the past four years, during all the hardships and pain he had to endure with his leg.

Fun… never forget to have silly moments!

  1. We frequently took our cameras and went on drives, snapping pictures at the most beautiful spots, and always returning to our favorite ones. It’s wonderful sharing a hobby!
  2. Despite getting older, and both reaching and passing the ‘respectable’ age of fifty, we still have our silly moments, our moments of funny talks and funny walks, our moments when we look at each other and say: “If anyone can see us now they will lock us away.”
  3. Where both of us are not really travelers, we started traveling to the United Kingdom once a year, thoroughly enjoying it. That has come to an end now, not only because of Covid, but we are planning to travel more. I want to go to Scotland!

Sexy… adding to the fifteen

  1. We made our D/s commitment in January 2011, while agreeing that our marriage, our love, will always be our priority. From the moment this commitment was made, when we went to bed, Master T put my night collar around my neck, and he still does it today. Every night.
  2. We had some incredibly sexy encounters with others, exploring our kinks and discovering new ones. And when there were no others around, we had sexy times together, somewhere in a hotel room, because that just made it a bit sexier and naughtier than being at home.
  3. Over and over we enjoy and explore each other’s bodies, knowing exactly where to touch, where to lick, pinch, bite… and we even though we know all this, every sexy encounter is like a first-time discovery, exciting, and leaving us wanting more, though satisfied for the moment.

Love… never-ending love…

  1. A simple touch, a quick kiss, a gently hug, or simply looking at each other, can make both of us feel the love we share, the love that we will always have for each other.
  2. From the moment we fell in love, our love started growing, and got stronger, and it still does so every day. It’s the one thing neither of us ever doubted or will ever doubt: our love for each other.
  3. We celebrated 14 wedding anniversaries, and today we celebrate the fifteenth. Fifteen years of LOVE!

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18 thoughts on “Fifteen years… fifteen random things

  1. Something has changed and it is more difficult to comment on your page. However, Happy Anniversary!! Reading about your love is wonderful. I wish you many more happy years together!

    1. Thank you, Michael.
      (I am sorry that it’s more difficult to comment. Nothing has changed on my side. Do you comment directly on my site or through the WP reader?)

  2. Congratulations on so many great years! I wish you and Master T many more to come 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey xo

  3. Congratulations! Many happy returns!
    Have a good time celebrating your third quinquennium (nice word 🙂 found it with when I wanted to use the Dutch word ‘lustrum’ … which by coincidence has the word ‘lust’ in it…;-))

  4. Many congratulations Marie!!!!!!!!!!
    How wonderful to be celebrating 15 years of marriage. <3
    Hope you have a very beautiful celebration.

    1. Thanks, Jenna. It’s much different from other celebrations, as we can’t even go out for dinner, but we definitely made the most of it 🙂

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