The cave, a rewrite of an older story

An image of a woman standing at the entrance of a cave, looking out.

I posted the story ‘Cave‘ for the first time in 2011, way before I have learned anything about content warnings, and was all too eager to share all the twisted stories in my mind. Like I did with The Woods, I have decided to leave the original story intact, as I feel it is testament of how much I have progressed in my writing in the almost eleven years I have been running this website. And, to be honest, I love revisiting those older stories.

Back when I posted ‘Cave’ for the first time, it was done so for a Wank Wednesday prompt. The word was ‘cave’ and that one word inspired me to write this story. To some it will be a turn-on, to others not. This time round, however, I will put a content warning on it.


The cave

Content warning: violent, non-consensual sex

Opening her eyes, the first thing she became aware of was the dampness under her cheek. Her eyes focused on the color right in front of her: green. Grass. Why was she lying on the grass? She didn’t understand how she got there; what she did there; where she was.

She pushed herself up and looked around her. All she saw was grass. No houses, no other people, nothing. Only grass. Behind her there were some huge rocks and further to the back, what appeared to be, a hill. From where she sat it almost looked like someone had dumped a pile of rocks there to form a mountain. It looked as out of place as she felt herself to be. A feeling overwhelmed her, that she might be safer closer to the mountain than out here on the open plains.

Getting up took more effort than it should. Her body hurt. Why? What had happened to her? How did she get here? Once up, she looked down at her clothes. It could barely be called clothes though. The animal skin covered all the essential parts, but barely more than that. The short top covered her breast, but left her tummy bare. The skirt clung to her hips and barely covered her ass. Even the shoes she wore were made of animal skin. Somehow she felt totally out of place — she didn’t belong here in this moment. With her fuzzy head she couldn’t make out where she was, let alone where she should be other than here.

She reached the first rocks and looked up towards the hill which was a lot closer now, and seemed like it will offer her some shelter. She needed to think. Needed to clear her mind. She had to figure out where she was and where she had to go. Fixing her eyes on huge rock close to the hill, she started walking. Just before she reached the rock she stopped and looked ahead. She now made out the opening of caves in the hill; caves where she could rest.

A scream escaped her mouth when a strong arm grabbed her from behind, and pressed her tightly against the body of a man. She tried to see who it was, but the way he held her against him meant she couldn’t turn her head. He started walking, dragging her with him. Soon she lost one of her shoes. Kicking and screaming, she tried to free herself from his grip, but to no avail. Close to the pile of rocks that she had been calling a ‘hill’ in her mind, he stopped, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. She screamed even harder, and kicked wildly, but he just walked on. Not a sound came from him. He too wore clothes made of animal skin, but his covered a lot more of his body than hers did.

He stopped at the bottom of the ‘hill’, and moved her body a bit to adjust the balance of her weight. Then he started walking upwards, on what seemed to be a faint footpath. Her ribs hurt, as if they were bruised. He gripped her tighter, his big hand on her bare ass. Somewhere in the back of her mind she realized that she was only wearing the two small pieces of fabric she had seen. There was no time to think about this. The light started to fade as he carried her deeper into a cave.

Hard-handedly he dropped her off his shoulder, onto the floor. She grunted and gasped when she hit the ground. Before she could catch her breath or look at him, he grabbed her long hair and pulled her up, pushing her towards a huge stone slab. Candles against the walls dimly lit the inside of the cave. Her hip bones bumped against the table, and once more she drew in her breath and moaned. Her hips were already bruised, just like her ribs, and the pain intensified when he pushed her down and held her in that position, her cheek pressed down hard on the unrelenting stone. The first sound she heard him make was the animalistic groan at the same time as she his huge, hard cock forcefully entered her wet pussy.

He fucked her. Hard. Fingers of one hand tangled in her hair, his other hand pressed down between her shoulder blades, keeping her down. He pulled her hair, lifted her face off the stone and then pushed it back down again. The harder he fucked her, the more he groaned. The more he groaned, the harder he pulled her hair. The closer he came to his orgasm, the tighter he held onto her hair, now pulling her head up, and holding it there. Her hips banged against the stone, bruising them even more. Despite the pain, and despite her confusion as to where she was, she enjoyed the feeling of his cock inside her. Even there she felt bruised, as if she had been fucked over and over again.

His pace slowed down. She screamed out loud as he pulled her head back as far as he could. The hand on her back was gone. He held tight, arching her back. Her screams seemed to urge him on again, and he banged harder into her. He slowly pulled out, almost entirely and then again banged his hard cock deep into her bruised pussy. Pulled out. Pushed in. Pulled out. Pushed in again. He growled loudly when he pushed in one last time, and his semen hit her insides, and spilled down over her thighs.

Instantly he pulled out and let go of her hair. He moved around behind her, but when she turned around, she couldn’t see him anywhere. Slowly, she moved towards the light, and looked around to find him. Her legs shook. She felt faint. He was nowhere. She didn’t see him; didn’t hear him. Quickly she ran out of the cave, too afraid to look back. Afraid that he might see her; might follow her. She didn’t know how far she had ran when she sagged down on the grass, her legs no longer able to carry her. The sound of the wind died in her ears. She fainted.

Opening her eyes, the first thing she became aware of was the dampness under her cheek. Her eyes focused on the color right in front of her: green. Grass. Why was she lying on the grass? She didn’t understand how she got there; what she did there; where she…

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  1. I am glad that you chose to republish this and I enjoyed the story. I really liked the twist at the end. Missy x

  2. I love this Marie – for me it was very hot but also the never ending circle you have created is brilliant – great writing
    May xx

    1. Thank you, May. I enjoyed writing this the first time, and now editing it I really enjoyed it again 🙂 xox

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