Thigh highs… done differently

Legs are a canvas for color and texture, thigh highs allow you to use it.

~ Vienne Cheung

I loved the thigh highs rope prompt the instant I saw it. I was excited to try it, and decided to use the new rope we have bought on our recent – and first one in years – trip to the kink store. On Wednesday afternoon I set out to do the tie, and first thing I thought about when I half undressed in my studio is how damn cold it was in there. Half an hour later, I was all hot and flustered from doing the tie!

The tie itself is fairly simple – or at least I thought so – but it’s a bit tricky to do it yourself, as I constantly felt like I needed one hand more. I had to juggle between doing the tie, reading the instructions, and trying to prevent the rope around my leg from slipping down. In the images you will see the loops are not perfectly on the side, but I actually really like how it came out.

It seems I have a knack for picking the wrong rope, as it’s either too short or too long. This time it was too short. The tie should be anchored around the waist, but I had to improvise, so tied it around my thigh. Just as I had taken about ten photos, the rope slipped down my leg, and I gave up. Yes, I could’ve gone downstairs to get the longer rope, but by then I was so hot and flustered from my efforts, that I decided I was done.

I really didn’t find this tie difficult, and think I will try it again, but then I would like to do thigh highs on both sides, which means I will have to buy more rope!

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14 thoughts on “Thigh highs… done differently

  1. Haha! I go through that same process every time. I’m like… it’s so cold! And a little while later after tying I’m so hot! I think your tie came out beautiful and it makes me jealous looking at it. Extra motivation for me to catch up and do it too, I guess!
    I really like the different images you took, properly showcasing your work. I also love the outfit you combined it with. Very clever to wear one hold up, and the heels and top match so well!

    1. You definitely have to try this one. I was sorry I didn’t have red rope to do this with one red net stocking, but I might do that when we have bought red rope. Really love this tie. Thank you for your nice comment 🙂

  2. Oohh – One can never have too much rope Marie.
    But you have done incredibly well … I wouldn’t have the skill … or the patience. LOL
    The result … and you slide-show … looks lovely !!!
    Xxx – K

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