The Woods, a rewrite of some old erotic fiction

An image of a footpath in the woods, on an autumn late afternoon.

‘The Woods’ was the very first story that appeared on my blog and every time I read it, I cringed. I have been wanting to rewrite it for a long time, and now finally did. But, what to do with those old posts? At first I thought to redirect them to this post, but that would’ve meant that I would lose my archives of January 2010, making my blog seem younger than it really is. So, I opted to keep part 1 and part 2 of ‘The Woods’ intact, and offer you the updated story here (which I like more than the first version, and I hope you do too).

The Woods

On a beautiful, sunny afternoon they walked deeper into the woods, hand in hand. Their footsteps were the only reason the autumn-colored leaves on the hardened footpath stirred. Birdsong was a silver lining for the silence around them.

A bench in the bend of the footpath invited them to sit down and rest, but it was the faint trail behind the bench that caught their attention. Impulsively and in silent consent, they followed the trail, and within a couple of meters dense bushes and undergrowth hid them from anyone else taking a stroll in the woods. They came to a clearing, bordered by bushes and a large tree trunk.

Sitting down on the tree, he leaned over to softly kiss her. She returned his kiss, and closed her eyes as his hand rested on her breast, and he gently pinched her nipple through the fabric of her thin blouse. Butterflies awakened in her belly.

She broke off the kiss, turned towards him and straddled the tree. Her short skirt moved up, revealing the lacy upper borders of her holdups. Above that was only bare skin, as she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He caressed her thighs, his thumbs touching the bare flesh just above the lace. She sighed, but just as his fingers were about to brush her pussy lips, she grabbed his hands and pushed them away, holding on to his wrists.

Their eyes locked together; not a word spoken. She slipped off her coat, spreading it out behind her. Her hard nipples pressed against the inside of her blouse, revealing her excitement. He wanted to pull her closer towards him and let his hands roam her body, but he didn’t move. He wanted to see what she had in mind.

Still watching him, she unbuttoned her blouse. Bit by bit she revealed the bare skin between her breasts. With a smile and still looking at him, she slipped a hand under her blouse. She loved the feeling of her hard nipples between her fingers. The combination of her warm hand and the chill of the crisp autumn air heightened her excitement.

Slowly she leaned backwards, breaking eye contact with him, as she lay down on the spread-out coat. The blouse slipped to the sides, finally revealing her perky breasts to his eyes. Her skirt moved up even more, and from where he sat, he had a good view on the moist, slightly parted lips of her pussy. He rested his hands on her thighs again, moving in small circles and ever so slightly moving closer to her inviting crotch. This time she didn’t stop him when he reached her glistening wetness. She pushed her hips up, beckoning him to touch her; an invitation he gladly accepted.

He ran his fingers up and down her pussy lips. Left. Right. Right. Left. She sighed, enjoying his touch, while she rolled her nipples between her fingers. He bent closer. The tip of his tongue ran the length of her slit, from top to bottom and back up again. He lifted his head; watched her pinching her nipples

His mouth once more warmed her core, and he pushed the tip of his tongue between her pussy lips. He avoided touching her clitoris. Her juices covered his tongue, which soon finally circled her clitoris. Soft moans escaped her lips, and she got even wetter than she already was.

She pushed her pussy against his mouth, wanting to feel every move of his tongue. He closed his lips around her small, erect button and sucked it hard. Grunting and grinding her pussy against his mouth, she climaxed for the first time. He released her clitoris from the grip of his lips, returning to slowly drawing circles around it with his tongue. His hands kneaded and stroke her thighs, knowing how much she liked the feeling of almost-pain alternated with soft caresses.

Listening to her breathing getting more intense, he once again sucked hard on her clitoris. Her climax came quicker this time. Two fingers slipped inside her, and bending them ever so slightly, he pushed in and out of her. The combination of his mouth and fingers brought her to climax for a third time.

A sudden, unexpected sound coming from the other side of the bushes, had both of them looking in that direction. An older had sat down on the bench, their backs turned to them. The half nude woman smiled at her companion. She gently touched his wrist, moving his hand so his fingers, which were still inside her, moved in and out of her pussy. Taking one more look at the couple on the bench, he bent over and continued sucking hard on her clitoris.

After yet another climax – this time a very silent one without any moans from her side – she sat up and grabbed his belt. Quickly she undid it, unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down. Moments later his pants and underpants dropped to his knees. She squatted in front of him, taking his erection in her mouth. Her legs were spread wide, the caressing touch of the cool air, and the sounds of the woods reminding her of where they were.

With one hand she held onto his to keep her steady. Her other cupped and caressed his balls, while she took his penis as deep into her mouth as she could. He loved feeling the tip of his cock touching the back of her throat. Her tongue teased his frenulum, knowing how sensitive it was. He pushed his hips forward so he could better watch his cock move in and out of her mouth.

She grasped his shaft, wanking and sucking hard him. His dick hardened in her touch, telling her he was getting closer to orgasm, but that wasn’t what she wanted. She needed to feel him inside her. She wanted him to fuck her here in the woods. Standing up, she took his face in her hands. A kiss – their tongues intertwined – followed.

His hands moved to her erect nipples, pinching them. Their breathing quickened; their kiss more passionate. He pulled her skirt up over her hips and his fingers searched for her opening. Finding it, he again slipped two fingers inside. She put one leg up on the nearby tree trunk, allowing him to push even deeper inside her. The rapid finger-fuck brought her to another intense, wet climax.

He quickly turned her around, and guided her towards the tree trunk. She bent over, her hips supported by the tree, her upper body hanging free. He stood between her legs, spreading them as far as they would go. Slowly he pushed his hard cock into her wetness. Ever so slowly, he pushed in and out of her.

The sensations of their flesh touching increased their need. He wanted to fuck her hard; she wanted to be fucked hard. They sensed this in each other, and she pushed her bottom towards him, inviting him to go deeper. With a grunt, he grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and banged into her. She moaned, enjoying the mix of pain and pleasure – pain as he pulled on her hair and pleasure as he fucked her.

He shot his load deep inside her. The pulsating of his penis as he climaxed made her whimper and she felt an enormous orgasm approaching. Her pussy and the muscles in her buttocks tightened when the wetness of her juices engulfed his cock. He finally let go of her hair, and she hung over the tree for some time, breathing hard.

It took a while before she slowly rose to her feet, fastened her blouse and pulled her skirt down. By then he had already pulled his pants up again. She put her coat on, suddenly cold, now that the burning passion inside was subdued, for the moment. She turned to him and hugged him; kissed his cheek. Then she slipped her hand in his and they walked back to the main footpath, where the elderly couple looked surprised to see them. Feeling the wetness seeping from between her legs and thinking about the fuck they just had, she smiled at the couple.

It was still a beautiful, sunny autumn afternoon. It was a bit cooler than when they walked into the woods, but they were both warm inside. A slight breeze scattered the leaves on the footpath. Hand in hand, they walked out of the woods, listening to the sounds of nature, sharing silent thoughts of their experience.

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  1. Hi Marie, I wanted to hear you? read this story, but it stops after 3 lines (on mobile)
    If you have a read collection, I might like to listen to you when I’m out driving.

    1. Hi Nudo, I guess you mean the auto-read I have at the bottom of the post stopped? I just tested it and it works for me. Can you try again and let me know? Incidentally, that’s not my voice 😉

  2. Wow that was erotic and soooo sensual – I love the slow build and the blowjob scene was just spot on!
    I not gone back to first edition but will
    May xx

    1. Thanks May, that’s a huge compliment. I would love to know what you think of the old version too 🙂 xox

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