No task master, but tasks with MLSlavePuppet!

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I frequently have wonderful talks with MLSlavePuppet, and one day we talked about tasks, and how Master T has never really been up for giving me tasks, and I could never find anyone else I trusted enough to task me.

Oh wait, I have to say that in a different way, because there are enough people I trust, but I don’t have the guts to ask them. I just don’t want to burden anyone.

She came up with an idea

It wasn’t in that same conversation that ML mentioned this, but in a later one. She asked what I would think about giving each other tasks, and left that with me to think about it. I immediately thought it was a good idea, but took a couple of days to turn that around in my mind. The reasons for that was that:

  • I wondered if I would even be able to come up with any tasks for ML;
  • I wondered whether the tasks I set her would be challenging enough;
  • I was afraid I might find tasks she set me too challenging (yes, I know being challenged should be part of the task);
  • I was afraid I might not live up to ML’s expectations.

Of course all of these things sprang from self-doubt, and ML quickly put my mind at ease. Where the tasks should have some kind of challenge in them, it should be set in such a way that’s impossible for us to execute.

She came up with another great idea: for each of us to fill in a BDSM checklist, so we know our respective soft and hard limits.

Time limit for tasks

We also discussed the time limit for the tasks. Since both of us have lives outside of our blogging — ML is still studying, has her sport and social circles to attend to, and I have life with Master T, family life and of course my work — we decided not to pin a time limit to any of the tasks.

How it would work is that the task would be given in a blog post, and once it has been executed, a blog will follow and it will have the next task in it. So, you might’ve guessed it, this is the first blog post about this ‘agreement’ between ML and me, so this is also where she will read about her task for the first time. Once she has executed the task, she will blog about it, and I will only then learn what my first task is.

It’s exciting, and I am a bit nervous, both for giving this task, and for receiving mine.

ML’s first task

I know ML is still busy with her study, and she has been having trouble writing in the past weeks. As I was trying to come up with a task for her, my mind constantly steered me back to how I can maybe help her back to her writing, so she can make progress again.

Now, I have mentioned in the past that Roxy should task ML to write x-number of words, but ML said it wouldn’t work. Still, I couldn’t get this task out of my head, so decided to just go ahead with it, because knowing ML’s dedication to tasks, I have a feeling she will ace this one, even if it might be too mild for her, or she might absolutely hate it (insecurity again!).

So, here goes!

  1. MLSlavePuppet is to get our her pinchiest nipple clamps and put them on her desk.
  2. Next she has to get the story she’s working on ready on her screen, right where she’s supposed to continue writing, and record the current word count of her story.
  3. She has to undress her top half, but since we are into cooler weather, I will allow a cardigan or sweater. Most important thing is that her breasts must be exposed. She’s allowed to wear pants.
  4. Next ML has to attach the nipple clamps to her nipples and start writing. No editing, just write!
  5. The clamps should come off when she has written 300 words.
  6. This task has to be repeated this 5 times. It’s up to ML whether she does it on 5 random occasions, or on 5 consecutive days, or all on one day.
  7. She is not allowed to write the 1500 words in one go. ML has to have at least a ten minute rest between the 5 writing sessions, and has to remove the clamps (ouch!).
  8. Once she’s done, she will write about the task, an in her post there will be photo evidence of the number of words when she started, the number of words when she has completed the task, and of course at least one sexy photo of her breasts with the nipple clamps attached.

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16 thoughts on “No task master, but tasks with MLSlavePuppet!

  1. Task setting was a part of our D/s relationship that backfired. I’m still trying to figure out if I will ever be able to give my Kitten that which she desires. A more structured D/s that extends outside of the bedroom. Watching this interchange may help! Thanks. Always a pleasure to read you.

      1. My Kitten is someone who doesn’t take orders well without sound logic behind them. What I have come to realize if we are to have a successful D/s we need to sit down together, in person and go through goals and make that task list together. It also has to be adaptable enough to fit our Poly household with 3 kids.
        When we were 1000 miles apart and new to this relationship I didn’t know enough. If it wasn’t for our bond we wouldn’t still be a couple.

    1. This is such a simple solution to something I have been craving for so long, and I am really grateful that ML came up with it. Although I am quite nervous to receive my first task… 😉

    1. You will indeed, on ML’s website, and in it will be my task… and so we will go back and forth 🙂

    1. I guess it’s a way to keep us both focused, and to feed our submission. Thinking of my own circumstances and Master T not into giving tasks, I am sure this will feed that part of my need. He approved of this, and that in itself is a task for me 🙂

  2. I loved reading this. Such a brilliant task for ML. Writing and nipple clamps is a heady combination and I am tingling at the thought if it being carried out.

    1. I was so nervous about giving this task, because it’s the first one and because I didn’t know if it would work, but I have fantasized about having to write with clamps, so I guess part of giving it was also because I would like to get a similar task 😉

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