Slaps and Satisfaction

An image reading 'love' in scrabble blocks, and it radiates love, happiness and satisfaction.

The clock’s hands shows the time as way past midnight when we finally get to bed, both tired, but buzzing from the built-up desire throughout the day. I snuggle close as he settles against his pillows, his arm around my back, holding my tight, the way I love to be held.

Slowly his hand moves down to my bottom, and kneads my ample flesh.
“Move your bottom up a bit,” he says, and I do, moving my head to rest on his tummy.

He can now just about reach between my legs, and drags his finger through my wetness. I moan, and push my bottom into his hand. I want him to bury his fingers inside me. I move some more; am still on my side. He circles my clitoris, dips his fingers inside, and almost brings me to an orgasm. Almost. This is me, not him, as I am in a position where I can hardly reach a climax. I roll over on my back, and spread my legs.

My new position allows us more freedom of movement, and soon my permitted orgasm is a fact. Immediately his fingers find and circle my clitoris again, and my next climax starts to build.

The way the duvet is folded has my bottom up higher than my head. Even if I glance down towards him, I can’t see Master T.

This is when the thoughts start.

He can’t see my face, only my cunt.

His fingers dip deep inside, and find my g-spot. I moan and soon ask for permission for another orgasm. He knows my body so well, knows exactly where to touch and tip me over the edge.

I’m nothing more than a hole now.

Once more he repeats his actions… circling my clitoris and then pushing inside. Each time he does this, my orgasm is stronger; wetter.

I know he’s watching my greedy cunt.

Another orgasm.

My thoughts make them stronger now. His fingers do their magic, and my thoughts add fireworks to every climax.

A hole. Only a hole. His hole.

An intense longing took hold of me, and going against my own nature of over-thinking and not being able to say the words, I blurt out: “Mijnheer, please slap my cunt?”

Even though I have asked, I am surprised as the first slap land on my vulva. It stings, but before I can work through the pain, he slaps me again. He hits me a couple of times more, then harshly pushes his fingers in me. Just as the tone of my moans change, he withdraws and slaps me again. Harder. Faster.

It stings.

I gasp.

It hurts.

I want more.

Hit me. Hit me. Hit me! I chant inside my head.

Harder. Faster. Sting. Delicious stingy slaps. The pain builds. A climax nears.

Then he stops, fingers me again. Rubs my clitoris.

And again the slapping starts, stinging so fiercely that I finally beg for him to stop, on the brink of an orgasm. Only a gently touching of my clitoris pushes me over the edge once more.

I cuddle in his arms once more. Sated. My thoughts empty. My body happy.


There’s one more thing I crave, one thing I want to do. Looking up at him, I offer him my lips, and we kiss. A long, lingering kiss. My hand wanders down his body, and finds his balls. I run my nails over them, and he moans into my mouth. Soon, I know. Soon I will have something else in my mouth, and make his body tremble, until he climaxes into my mouth.

Only then will I be truly satisfied.

© Rebel’s Notes
Image from Pixabay

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8 thoughts on “Slaps and Satisfaction

    1. That was one hot experience, something I frequently think of. Thanks for your comment, Missy 🙂 xox

    1. Thank you, Naughty. Those are such special moments, and every time I experience it again, it takes my breath away 🙂

  1. This is so wonderful, Marie! What a treat, to be used as ‘just a hole’, a greedy cunt to be filled. I now know that this is an experience I long for! 🙂
    Elk x

    1. It IS a wonderful experience, Elk, to be able to give oneself like that. Thank you for your comment 🙂 xox

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