No Consent: Heidi (part 4)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Heidi (part 4)
July 1994

Continued from… Heidi (part 3)

10 July

When Annie and Fran — true to Fred’s outlined routine — brought coffee to the bedroom the next morning, they were astonished to find Heidi fully dressed, sitting in the corner of the bedroom on the floor. One glance at Fred convinced both the women that Fred was fuming. They tactfully decided to act as if they hadn’t notices there was a problem. For a mere couple of seconds Annie was afraid that Fred might have ill-treated Heidi. Just as soon as the thought came up, she dismissed it. Maybe Fred knew why Annie and Fran had the giggles the previous evening. If not, it wouldn’t take long before he would indeed know what it was about.

Fred brusquely ordered Fran to make Heidi disappear off the smallholding as quickly as possible. He didn’t even care that Heidi heard what he said. Fran was wise enough not to ask for an explanation.

On their way back from where Heidi lived, Annie and Fran again laughed about the night before. They were in a cheery mood, happy to know Fred was the one who got the worst of the deal. It served him right for his greediness. Secretly both the women hoped he would now abandon his idea to have a third woman in their bedroom.

The rest of the day, they strategically left Fred alone. Neither of them tried to fish about the reason for his anger. They didn’t want to give him a chance to vent his fury on either of them. Only much later that afternoon he told them what bugged him about Heidi.

“After you left last night,” Fred started to talk while his eyes wandered over the backyard of the smallholding, “I calmly and nicely tried to get Heidi to make love to me. I wanted to screw her like no man has ever done it before,” Fred said in his typical crude way, with his typical mischievous smile. The smile that Annie now knew wasn’t attractive at all, but a sign of insecurity, and sometimes a way to hide his cruelty.

“That is exactly how it would have been: like no man has screwed her before,” Fran interrupted.

Annie immediately knew what Fran meant, but Fred didn’t notice the underlying meaning in his wife’s voice. He felt flattered by her words. He felt very special.

“The foreplay took quite long. I really took the time for it,” he proudly continued, “and at last we were both ready to have sex.”

Fred was quiet for a while. Both women kept quiet too. If they would say something now, Fred might stop talking altogether. Both of them really wanted to know what happened. Then Fred started to talk again.
“I wanted to fuck her doggy-style. You know how much I like that. She seemed to want it too, because she turned over and stood on her knees. I was on my knees behind her. And then,” the expression on Fred’s face changed to a mix of embarrassment and anger, “the bitch asked me to fuck her in the ass! Dammit! In the ass! My dick deflated like a balloon!”

In their conservative community and in the conservative times they lived in, anal sex was unheard of. It was something that just didn’t happen between a ‘decent’ man and a ‘decent’ woman, and even though Fred and Fran lived their lives in a way that wouldn’t be approved of by the same conservative community, anal sex was just a step too far. Annie tasted blood as she bit the inside of her lip, trying to stop herself from bursting out in laughter. Not only because of what Fred just told them, but also since she knew Fran had her own story to tell. Annie knew exactly what was coming. Fran’s story was the cause of their fits of laughter the evening before, and that afternoon in the car. While Fran talked, Annie had the opportunity to watch Fred’s face. She wanted to see his reaction.

“Honey, do you remember that Heidi loudly called out ‘no’ last night?” Fran asked her husband.
“Yes?” Fred said, his voice now sounding insecure. It was as if he sensed something was about to be disclosed.
“Heidi had every reason to cry out. When she cried out, I thought that she was feeling insecure again. That she wanted me to stop. But, I didn’t want to stop. I tried to get my finger in deeper. Even though I was afraid to hurt her, I pushed harder. It was tough at first, but then my finger slipped in. She relaxed and then just enjoyed it.”

Fran took a sip of her drink. Fred patiently waited. He was interested in hearing the rest.
“When you pushed me away and lay down on top of her, I saw the blood,” Fran said. “I instantly realized what just happened. That’s why I came back from the bathroom with lotion on my hands and why I rubbed it on both of you. Knowing you, honey, I knew that you would have stopped the moment you saw the blood.”

Fred showed no reaction at all. It surprised and disappointed both Annie and Fran. The reason for his stoic manner soon became clear.
“Why was the blood there?” Fred asked.
It took a while before Fran spoke again.
“Heidi was still a virgin, my love.”
Moments later the three of them were doubling up with laughter. Fran laughed because she was relieved that Fred was not angry. Fred laughed because he thought that it was very funny that his wife took another woman’s virginity.

Annie pretended to laugh.

Very early that evening Fred sent Annie to her own bedroom. He made it clear that he was only interested in his wife. Annie could appreciate this, but still she felt like an old used rag.

Heidi was never heard of again.

To be continued… An international call

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