No Consent: Heidi (part 3)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Heidi (part 3)
July 1994

Continued from… Heidi (part 2)

For a while, it was quiet in the bathroom.
“So,” Annie at last said, “I’m going to brush my teeth.”
“I’ll wait in the warm water until you are done,” Fran agreed.
Annie wrapped a towel around her body and tiptoed to the bathroom door. There she peeped through the keyhole. The bed was right across from the bathroom. She saw both Fred and Heidi. They stood on the other side of the bed. Heidi’s upper body was naked, and Fred sucked on a nipple while struggling to unbutton Heidi’s jeans.

Annie quickly walked to the basin and turned the tap on. Then she walked back to the bath, sat down on her knees and softly told Fran what she saw.
“Heidi definitely has no idea what to expect when we go out there. That’s why it’s going to be a disaster,” Fran whispered.

By the time Annie and Fran walked into the bedroom, both Fred and Heidi were only in their underpants, and Fred was on top of Heidi. He noticed Fran and Annie next to the bed, and motioned for them to get on the bed and do what they knew they had to do. That they did. They were busy for only a couple of minutes — Annie on top of Fran, sucking her nipples — when Heidi suddenly turned around. She started kissing Fran. Heidi deliberately pushed Annie aside with her elbow. In a wink, Fran and Heidi were rolling around, groaning and groping like old lovers.

While Fred had tried to make love to Heidi, there was no emotion from her side. Now with Fran, she seemed filled with passion. Annie sat on the side of the bed. Fear filled her heart. She didn’t know what to do. If she did nothing, Fred might get angry. On the other hand, if she tried to do something now, he might also get angry. She was afraid of a repeat of the evening with Mandy. Deep down Annie hoped Fred would get as angry with Fran now as he did with her. After all, Fran was now doing what he falsely accused Annie of when Mandy visited them. Shame filled Annie and she pushed the thought away. She glanced at Fred.

Fred wasn’t happy with the events playing off in front of his eyes. He beckoned Annie to get on top of him. She did, but not much happened, as they both had their eyes fixed on the women next to them. There, passion ran rampant. Heidi was unstoppable. She didn’t want to stop. The moment it seemed like Fran wanted to withdraw, Heidi pulled her closer and Fran had to continue. A couple of times Fran tried to touch the girl’s clitoris. At first, Heidi didn’t allow this. However, the more passionate they became, the more Heidi opened her legs for Fran. The next time Fran tried to stimulate Heidi’s clitoris, the young woman didn’t squirm away. She seemed to be in a daze and not very aware of what Fran was doing. Fran moved her hand down a bit. She quickly and firmly slid a finger into Heidi’s wet vagina.

“No, oh no!” Heidi called out, but then she relaxed and surrendered to Fran’s finger moving in and out of her. Seeing this almost drove Fred crazy. With a low groan, he harshly pushed Annie to one side, pulled Fran away and laid down on top of Heidi. Annie watched as Fran guided Fred’s half-hard penis into Heidi. Annie suspected that Fred yet again had too much to drink, which caused him not to get a proper hard-on.

“Oh, I’m so thirsty,” Fran said and she quickly disappeared into the bathroom.
Annie watched the scene in front of her. Fred couldn’t push into Heidi, as his penis was going limp. The fact that Heidi’s passion had left her, wasn’t helping either. Obviously, Heidi preferred Fran to anyone else.

Fran returned from the bathroom with an excessive amount of lotion on her hands. She sat down next to Fred and Heidi. Again, she tried to help Fred to enter Heidi, rubbing lotion on both Fred and Heidi.

Fred pushed Fran her towards Annie, tired of his wife’s interference. Fran lay down on top of Annie. With her chin, she pushed against Annie’s face to turn it away from the lovemaking couple. When she tried to kiss Annie, she started laughing, as quietly as possible, her body shaking. Annie was surprised, shocked, afraid. If Fred would notice the laughter, there would be hell to play. Fran hid her face in Annie’s neck. Annie noticed how Fred battled to keep his dick inside Heidi, who lay under him, completely still and emotionless.

Annie caught on to the hilarity of the situation. To her dismay, she felt an uncontrollable fit of laughter coming on. The next minutes were very awkward. Annie had to laugh. Fran tried to silent her, but then had to suppress her own laughter. The women tried to mask the escaped sounds of laughter as passionate moans. Next to them, Fred succeeded to stay inside Heidi and it seemed that the sounds of ‘passion’ next to him helped him to reach his climax.

He collapsed on top of Heidi. Contrary to his usual manner, he stayed there for a while before moving to his own side of the bed. This was a sign Fred had enough. Annie and Fran knew that they had to clean themselves and Fred up, and retire to Annie’s bedroom. Heidi would spend the night with Fred, according to his wishes. That way, during the night, he could have sex with his female sleeping partner as much as he wanted.

However, Fred still had to learn that things didn’t always go the way he wanted it…

Since they had skipped dinner, Annie and Fran went to the kitchen to get some food. Both still had difficulty controlling their laughter. With straight faces, they went back to the main bedroom. During dinner, Annie and Fran noticed Fred was angry. They meaningfully glanced at each other. What happened between Fred and Heidi while they were in the kitchen? Or did Fred hear their outrageous fits of laughter? Did Fred at last realize that Heidi was a problem?

After Fran had so frequently warned her husband that Heidi shouldn’t join them, now both she and Annie held the opinion that Fred should carry the consequences of his own decisions. Maybe he would learn something from it.

After they had their dinner, the two women went to Annie’s room where they laughed and giggled for a while before they went to sleep.

To be continued… Heidi (part 4)

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