No Consent: Heidi (part 2)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Heidi (part 2)
July 1994

Continued from… Heidi (part 1)

Once again, a voice brought Annie back to reality. This time, Fred was speaking.

“What do you mean?” was the harsh words from Fred in reaction to something Fran said.
“Honey, Annie and I don’t think Heidi’s should join us,” Fran said. Annie and Fran didn’t discuss this and irritation took hold of Annie because her name was used for an opinion that she didn’t convey. “We think she’s lesbian, not bisexual,” Fran continued.

Fran hoped her words would convince Fred to give up his plans with Heidi, but unfortunately, this was the wrong approach.
“You two are just jealous because you know Heidi will sleep with me tomorrow night. And, IF she’s a lesbian, I will see to it that she’s cured when she leaves on Sunday,” Fred declared with an arrogant smile. Luckily, he didn’t see the eyes full of hate and disbelief fixed on him. Annie’s eyes.

Fred refused to listen to Fran’s warnings. He repeated that Heidi’s father told him that Heidi was confused about her own sexuality and that therefore there was a big chance that Heidi was bisexual and not a lesbian. Fred was unstoppable. There was no way he would pass on an opportunity to have a new woman in his bed. Normally he would take into account what Fran said, but none of her warnings seemed to reach him in any way. When he walked down the hallway towards the bedroom, he turned around and looked at Annie.

“A special warning: remember the night with Mandy. Make sure you behave.”

9 July
Early the next afternoon, Annie and Fran picked Heidi up from her parental home. In the car, Heidi answered only yes or no when Fran or Annie asked her a direct question.

Nausea welled up inside Annie when she saw how Fred turned on his charm the moment Heidi entered the house. As the afternoon progressed, Annie felt as if she was not part of what was happening around her. The well-known resigned mood, which repeatedly surfaced in situations she just didn’t know how to handle, took possession of Annie again. She felt like a bystander. Even though she was actively part of it, she wasn’t really there.

Indirectly, Annie was yet again being coerced into sexual activities, the same way she was in her youth. She wanted to have a bisexual relationship. She made that choice. Nevertheless, her choice didn’t include sex with women she didn’t know. Neither did it include battering. Later, when Annie thought back to this particular evening, she could remember exactly what happened and what she felt. At the moment that it happened, only her body was present.

Later that afternoon, after watching a rugby match on television, Fran and Annie went to the kitchen to take care of the last preparations for the barbecue that evening. This was the first opportunity Fred had to be alone with Heidi. The two of them went outside, where it was dark already. No outside lamps were on either. Fran was worried. She had a hunch that the evening would turn in a total disaster, and she shared this with Annie in a series of whispers. However, she also knew her husband wouldn’t stop once he had something in mind. Fran and Annie agreed to go outside in turn to keep the two under watch and ward. This was how the two women discovered Heidi wasn’t as shy when she was alone with Fred, than when she was with them. Either she was more heterosexual than she wanted to admit or Fred’s charm worked miracles!

About an hour after Fred and Heidi went outside, Annie brought a plate outside, and she found them kissing. She went back inside without saying anything. When she went outside again, Fred stood behind Heidi’s chair. Her unbuttoned blouse revealed small, firm breasts, and Fred had his hands on them. As Annie walked outside, Fred challenged her with his smile. Fran went outside next, and came back reporting that Fred had his hand buried deep inside Heidi’s pants. Chuckling, Fran also mentioned the young woman was definitely having trouble breathing!

Clearl,y Fred was yet again winning a woman over for his own benefit. His typical male hunting instincts made him blind to anything else around him. He was using his dick to think, not his brains. The two other women got angrier every time they went outside, as Fred frantically waved them away. They had to go back inside. In the kitchen, they didn’t hide their anger from each other, but once they were outside, they plastered smiles on their faces, as they didn’t want to evoke Fred’s irritation.

Once or twice when she was outside, Fran also tried to touch or kiss Heidi, but the girl reacted aloof. Heidi was fixated on Fred.

Fred quickly cooked the meat on the barbecue and then announced that they would eat later.
“I’m not hungry now,” he said, “but I am in the mood for a piece of meat.”
The voice of his jumping hormones was at that moment shouting down his voice of feeling hungry.

In the bedroom, Annie and Fran quickly got everything ready for them to follow their routine. They ran the bath, put the powder and lotion next to the bed on the bedside table and hung extra towels in the bathroom. When the bath was almost ready, they called Heidi to join them for a bath. Heidi refused to move. Shyly she sat on the edge of the bed, staring at the floor. Nothing could move her to enter the bathroom.

Apparently Fred hadn’t expect this turn of events. He took his impatience out on Annie and Fran. Behind Heidi’s back, he roughly motioned for Fran and Annie to get on with their bath, and let Heidi be. Without any hesitation, they closed the door and got into the bath.

“Annie, please pass me a sponge?” Fran asked in a normal voice. Then she whispered: “I knew it won’t work out. Fred should’ve listened to me when I warned him!”
“Could you pass me the soap?” Annie asked, following Fran’s example.
“He won’t stop now, you know that” she whispered to Fran.
“Please move back a bit so I can wash my hair,” Fran requested.
“I know he won’t stop now, and I know this evening is going to be a disaster,” Fran then said in a hushed voice.
“Are you done with your hair?” Annie asked aloud, and then continued softly, “what’s happening in there?”
“I don’t care!” Fran whispered, but Annie knew that she was lying.

To be continued… Heidi (part 3)

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