No Consent: Heidi (part 1)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Heidi (part 1)
July 1994

Continued from… The next day

8 July

The first completed entry form they received was from Heidi. It was accompanied by a sweet letter, and from what she wrote it was clear that she was confused about her sexuality. She didn’t know whether she was a lesbian, or just bisexual.

Annie had previously made it clear that she wasn’t willing to call any of the women who sent in their forms. Fred was aware of this, but this was not the reason why he decided to call Heidi himself. One of the things he enjoyed was to convince ‘reluctant’ women to share his bed with him. He boasted of the fact that he can convince any woman, regardless of her age, to have sex with him.

In an extremely short conversation, Fred made an appointment with Heidi. She and her father would come to the smallholding that same evening. This seemed like a strange arrangement, but Heidi had explained that her father was her only means of transport.

Afterward their visit, Annie couldn’t recall what Heidi’s father looked like. What she did remember, was Fred and the girl’s father sat talking most of the evening as if they were old friends. The father knew exactly what the club was about. He was the one who saw the advert in the paper, and since he knew about his daughter’s confusion regarding her sexual preferences, he suggested she should join the club.

While Fred was in the bigger living room with her father, Fran and Annie sat with Heidi in the bar area. Heidi was beautiful, with short dark hair and dark, mysteriously sad eyes. Her slender body had already brought a certain sparkle to Fred’s eyes. In spite of being in the second half of her twenties, Heidi was naïve. She didn’t talk much, and neither did Annie. Fran did most of the talking, and from her slick chatter it was clear Fran was in these kinds of situations more than once. She constantly urged Heidi to speak.

“Heidi, have you ever been to bed with another woman?” Fran asked in a way that made it sound as if she was talking to a child.
“Yes.” Heidi’s answer was insecurely blunt.
“Then you do know what happens when two woman have sex?”
“Yes, I think so.”
“What did you and the other woman do?” Fran asked, glancing at Annie and just not rolling her eyes in disbelief.
“Oh… uh… you know … things.”
“Such as?” Fran spurred her on.
“Ah, you know…”

Fran gave it up, understanding that she wouldn’t get much more out of Heidi on this subject.
“Have you ever been to bed with a man, Heidi?”
“Ye..e..s,” Heidi said, sounding even more tentative than moments earlier.
“Have you ever been to bed with a man and woman at the same time?”
“Okay, let me tell you what happens then.”

Fran superficially described the sequence of events. She used one of their trio evenings as an example. It sounded so common to Annie. So dull. Such a cliché.

“And then,” Fran concluded, “Fred fucks you. He doesn’t want Annie or me. He wants you. Because,” and here Fran had an almost sad smile on her face, “he can have us whenever he wants.”

It’s so … so — it took Annie a couple of seconds to be able to put the feeling inside her into words — so revolting.

“… have any objections?” Fran’s calm voice made Annie aware of her surroundings again.
Heidi shook her head in denial just as Fred and her father walked in.
“And? Did you ladies enjoy a nice talk?” Fred asked, glancing suspiciously from his wife to his girlfriend. Annie instantly recognized the jealousy in his eyes.
“Yes,” Fran said.
“Heidi, are you coming to stay over?” Fred asked and his voice sounded a lot friendlier than seconds before. Heidi nodded.
“When?” Fred wanted to know.
“What about tomorrow evening? Come pick Heidi up tomorrow afternoon and bring her back home on Sunday morning,” Heidi’s father answered before Heidi could say anything. None of the three women showed any reaction when the two men settled the appointment.

After they had closed the gates behind the departing car, Annie and Fran quickly walked back to the house. In the big living room, Fred sat smoking a cigarette. When she saw his face, Annie flinched internally. Why was he angry?

“What’s wrong, honey?” Fran immediately asked.
“The bastard! Why did her father have to come with her? Now I had to keep the bastard company all evening while you two had the chance to talk to that beautiful girl,” Fred uttered his irritation.
“Yes, but…” Fran started.
“No ‘yes but’. I also wanted to talk to Heidi to see if she’s okay to join us,” Fred interrupted his wife, “but I just know she’s okay. With such a body…”

Annie didn’t listen anymore. Bullshit! Absolute bullshit with his ‘to see if she’s okay to join us’! Her looks were enough reason for Fred to think with his dick and not with his brain. Seeing the picture she had sent with her entry form had him hurrying to make an appointment with her. Fred only thought about his own pleasure. Fran and Annie had no choice. They had to follow. They had to join Fred’s plans. Two days earlier Annie lived through a nightmare.
What would happen the following evening?

To be continued… Heidi (part 2)

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