A lot of pink work too…

You can never go wrong with a little pink. A lot work too.

~ Dana Dalgetty

I almost never wear pink. I am just not a girly-girl, and never have been. I grew up a real tomboy, preferably playing with the boys, digging holes in the ground, or climbing trees. By the time I was old enough to be aware of my sexuality, I still wandered around in jeans and T-shirts, and it was only in my early twenties that I started getting interested in make-up. But still no girly color. My signature colors for clothes have always been black and red, although nowadays I tend to wear shades of brown and blue too. But I still prefer black and red.

Owning pink

I actually walked to my closet to check what pink items I own, and found that I only have a couple of pieces of underwear. Nothing else In fact, when I opened my closet the overall color was… you guess it… black.

Why don’t I wear pink ‘outer’ clothing? I actually have no idea. It’s not that I don’t like the color. In fact, I think it’s beautiful, but I just never got around to buying myself anything pink. Maybe this winter I should change that, and buy myself a beautiful jersey in that most feminine color to wear with my denims, or with a black leather skirt.

A round-up of pink

Of course I turned to my blog, knowing that I have shared quite a number of pink images in the past, and am, in fact, sharing another tomorrow (you will have to come back for that one).

I started getting involved in MLSlavePuppet’s rope challenges this year, and many times have used pink rope, of which two images that really stand out for me: the head cage, and the heel tie.

I have this one soft bra which, if I remember correctly, I specifically bought because I needed the color for an image. I made a series of images with that one, from sharing my freckles, to the pink nipple piercings I was wearing at the time of the taking those images. I have shared the nipple piercings more than once, and even combined them with a beautiful tulip.

My favorite pink image

Pink is a beautiful color, and actually just a lighter shade of the red I love so much, right? Which is why it combines perfectly in with red, and which is why I bought myself these lacy knickers, and wanted to show off my butt with the delicate lace decorating it.

If I have to choose a favorite image, this is definitely the one I like the most.

An image of my bottom covered in pink lace.
When I see images like these of myself, I feel so damn sexy… no, I know I am sexy!

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14 thoughts on “A lot of pink work too…

  1. Oooh, Marie! Love, love, love that image. It’s mostly pink but it’s all red HOT! Beautiful juxtaposition of textures. xo, Carolyna

  2. Those are pretty knickers. I don’t really own pink as well. When I saw the prompt was pink, a poem popped into my head, but I didn’t have an image to go with it so went on Amazon and ordered lingerie for next day delivery haha. Like your closet, mine is full of black. It’s elegant, slimming, versatile, and sexy. But I guess pink is playful, cute, and delicate…which I never felt I was haha.

    1. Love that you ordered lingerie to go with your poem and the prompt. And I agree with you, pink is playful, cute and delicate for sure! 🙂

  3. Oh yes indeed you are sexy !!!
    I’m with you about your preference for red and black … but oh my, that photo of your bottom and your pink lacey knickers. Oh yes … just gorgeous !!!
    Xxx – K

    1. Yes! I wish I remembered where we bought this rope, as I want some other colors too. These are really so vibrant 🙂 xox

    1. Seeing that image again actually inspired more ideas for photos, so I will keep them coming for sure 😉

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