Footprints around the world

A photo of Table Mountain, South Africa, seen from Bloubergstrand and showing footprints in the sand.
Footprints on Bloubergstrand, South Africa, with Table Mountain seen across the bay

I look at the world map, and start counting the places around the world where I have left my footprints. On the one hand I’m surprised about the number of places, on the other, I’m not. With all of those places memories of people and experiences came flooding back.

Let me take you on a sexy journey around the world…

Many footprints in South Africa

Born in South Africa, up to now most of my footprints have been left there. It will be another 3 years before I have lived in Europe longer than in Africa.

Obviously, my first sexual experiences were in my country of birth. The very first one was far too early in my life, having been taken advantage of by a house-friend of my parents. I never felt traumatized by it, and for years I thought I was ashamed of that. Not anymore.

Both my children were born in South Africa, one from a teenage pregnancy, the other in my first marriage. But besides those, I had other sexual experiences, some in the army – the major and that ‘strange’ guy, and two with younger men. But also a relationship with a couple which turned into a bizarre 9 months.

Early teen years in Namibia

As a preteen I visited Namibia a couple of times with my parents, and then when I was almost 11, we moved there.

In the 4 years we lived in Namibia, I discovered some aspects of my sexuality, but it was only in my adult years that I gave it names: submissive and exhibitionist. I loved showing myself to the neighbor, and I loved it even more that he told me to show myself.

What I also discovered in those years, was how much I like sex. Being raised in a conservative community meant I felt shame for my love of feeling a hand down my pants, or sexual desire, which meant I sometimes went months without any sexiness, because I wanted to be a ‘good girl ‘. Oh if only I knew then what beautiful meaning those words would have in later life.

Visiting the United States of America

I have been to the US three times – to Iowa with my second husband, to Las Vegas all by myself and to New York with my mom.

When we went to Iowa, we visited a couple. He and I had gotten in contact because I posted images of myself on Redclouds, and he had the hots for me. He would’ve loved to be in a relationship with me, but I always made it clear that I valued him as a friend, nothing more.

Two years later I was divorced and traveled solo to Las Vegas to meet him there for a pheromone conference. Despite me making my position clear, on the last night in the hotel, he made a move on me, having me distraught and crying for days. Out friendship suffered, and even more so when 6 months later he had a jealous fit when I told him Master T and I were officially together.

(And on the very day I wrote this, a couple of days ago, Master T and I wondered if the pheromone website George and I had together was still up, the way it was about 6 years ago, 11 years after George had the jealous fit. I checked and then discovered George passed away in April 2017, 3 months before my mom. I found myself fighting the tears, feeling like I lost a friend. Strange way to discover he might’ve meant more to me than Iever realized. )

Living in The Netherlands

Since this is the country where I now have left almost as many footprints as in South Africa, obviously many sexual experiences were had here. And, I am still having them! One thing that springs to mind is losing my anal virginity, which was where my love for anal started.

Between the relationship where that happened, and my marriage with Master T, there was another marriage, and several one-time sex moments when that marriage ended.

But, it’s with Master T that finally my submissive nature was embraced. It was like coming home, finally being able to fully and honestly be who I am. The freedom… indescribable! Not only did and do I have room to express my submission, but also my exhibitionism was welcomed. Desired.

More of my desires were fulfilled such as having sex with others, and being watched while doing so. Even better, it wasn’t only my secret desire, but also Master T’s expectation of me, following what he said to me early in our relationship: one man is not enough for you. When he said that, I felt shame, probably because of my conservative upbringing, but I don’t feel shame for it anymore. It’s just something that’s as part of me as being bisexual, and something that adds a layer to our relationship.

Footprints in other countries

There are other countries I have been too. In the first or second year in The Netherlands we drove to Germany, both times to Krefeld. I have also been to Belgium several times, mostly to Antwerp, but also once to Brussels, and to Brussels. But the other European country I have been to the most is the United Kingdom, and specifically to London. For many years we went there to attend a conference, first in London, then Bristol and then back to London, and in 2019 I traveled to London by bus many times. London, after Rotterdam, is my favorite city, and I will resume traveling there by bus once travel is safe again.

Footprints all over

Where in countries like the US and the UK I can pinpoint my footprints to only a couple of places, it’s almost impossible to remember all the places I have been in South Africa, Namibia and The Netherlands. More places will follow, not in those two southern countries, but definitely in this small country of ours, as I still want to explore the north.

And, I want to go to Scotland…

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10 thoughts on “Footprints around the world

  1. When I was a kid I wanted to go to South Africa so much. My Uncle Tony lived their for a while and I adored him so wanted to know where he’d been.
    I spent the lockdown in Scotland – actually I am there now but a very different place. Scotland is beautiful and wild – well that is what I have seen from Scotland, not just the scenery – the people too
    May xx

    1. Now I want to go to Scotland even more, to experience the wildness there. And seriously, if you ever get a chance to go to South Africa, do it! xox

  2. I hope you get to go to Scotland. 🙂

    My formative years were spent in a religious household (all that kind of went out the window when my parents got divorced) and the title of your post along with the footprints picture made me think At first of the <i Footprints story. (

    It’s interesting to me where people choose to visit when they come to the U.S. New York and Las Vegas are two of the more popular destinations for obvious reasons. But Iowa is definitely a rare choice!

    I’ve been in or through many U.S. states but have not yet visited New Mexico. They have a hot air balloon festival in the autumn (during normal times) that is internationally renowned. Maybe once the Coronapocalypse is over, I’ll be able to go experience that.

    1. When I came up with the title for my post, I also thought of Footprints in the Sand. It’s such a beautiful poem, that I read for the first time in my teens. I hope you finally get to the hot air balloon festival, and I get to Scotland. As for the US… my mom won the trip to NY, otherwise I might never have gone there, and was it not for the conferences in Las Vegas, I might never have gone there either. And Iowa… well, we visited them at their home… and then drove to Canada with them. That was quite an experience, only 5 days after 9/11.

  3. I would love to see Africa. It seems so wild and has always called out to me.
    Scotland is beautiful, and I would love to return someday.
    If you ever get to Canada, I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.
    Your life is very exciting to read about. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading, MrsK. I think it’s only now that I start sharing memories, and more memories come to mind, that I realize how many cool things I have experienced during my youth. I have so much more to share. Africa is stunning, and if you ever get to go there, I’m sure you will love it as much, if not more, than your European trip. I have been to Canada once, and loved it. I should write about that too!

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