Blindfolds again, and a bit about hoods

I first wrote about blindfolds back in April 2013, and decided to revisit the post and see whether my thoughts and feelings are still the same as they were back then, like I have also done when I recently wrote about flogging.

Back then I started with a quote:

Someone once described the use of blindfolds to me as “BDSM-lite” and claimed that since everyone has tried them at least once, he doesn’t even really classify them as “kinky” play. Would you agree with that? Why or why not?

~ Jade Melisande

I can see how someone could think that blindfolds should be classified as BDSM-lite, but I don’t agree with this. If you look only at a blindfold, then yes, that can be classified as ‘lite’. However, a blindfold is not used as a standalone item, unless of course you use it while you sleep. A blindfold, in my opinion, is used to make the submissive aware of only one thing: the Dominant. It intensifies the dynamic between them.

I still stand by what I have said here. Unless you use the blindfold when you go to sleep, it is used to enhance the scene, to make the submissive more aware of all their sensations.

Our blindfolds

The blindfold we’re still using is quite a basic one. It has an elastic band and thin, almost slippery piece of cloth that covers my eyes. The part that covers my eyes is actually a bit too big, which makes it slip down some and even though it’s thin, it tends to block my nose. I don’t like this. We need a new blindfold, but this is something I do not want to order online. I would much rather go to an erotic shop with Master T and choose a proper blindfold by fitting it and feeling the material.

There are quite a number of different blindfolds out there: leather blindfolds that are lined with fleece or fur, satin blindfolds, blindfolds with elastic or blindfolds with Velcro closures. Some people prefer a full face mask or even an upper face mask to a blindfold, but I would totally panic if I had to wear one of those. I feel very panicked when my nose is covered. I have to be able to breathe freely. This is one of the reasons why I want to replace the blindfold that we have now.

In the meantime we have (thankfully) acquired a new blindfold. One with leather on the outside, and a fleece-y inside that fits tightly against my eyes. Where with the slippery one we once used, I could more or less squint and see the floor from under it, this new one forces me to retreat into blackness, as it shuts out the outside world completely.

I love being blindfolded

On some of our play dates with others, I wore a blindfold for the majority of the evening, and realized I love being blindfolded.



I am the kind of person who wants everyone to have a nice time. I am very susceptible to the vibe around me and always keep an eye on everyone. If I see an expression on someone’s face and interpret it as being negative, I want to act on it. I want to make it better. During a play date I can’t act on it, but it does occupy my mind. And when it occupies my mind, it takes away a tiny bit of the pleasure I could feel.

Being blindfolded means I cannot see what is happening around me. I can only feel and hear. Nothing around me can distract me. During the mentioned play date, I couldn’t see, but had to concentrate on my senses, the whipping, the spanking, the pain, the pleasure – all of it felt more intense. It was so intense and I was so focused that I went deeper into subspace than I have ever been before.

Analyzing those feelings after the play date, I was positive: I love blindfolds and how they help me to experience so intensely.

Being blindfolded all the time

Would I want to be blindfolded in every session? I seriously don’t know. Of course, this is not for me to decide. Sometimes Master T wants me to see what is happening and there are times I really like to see what he is doing. Other times I wish I could be blindfolded. Can I ask for it? Yes, of course I can. Will my wish be granted? That depends on Master T.

I think with this – being blindfolded – the same careful balance should be kept as with anything else. If you do the same thing every time, over and over again, it becomes boring and less exciting. You get used to it and the ‘magic’ disappears. I am not good at keeping this balance, but thankfully Master T is.

One thing I will do? Ask him if we can go shopping for a proper blindfold soon!

And as said above, we did!

Blindfolds now, in 2020

Much of the above has been written seven years ago, with some additions in italics. In the past four years very little has happened regarding our D/s, so blindfolds weren’t used at all.

I love the leather blindfold we have bought back then, and love how it pours me into darkness, and make me use my other senses to try and figure out what’s happening or about to happen. I would honestly love to wear it again, to be able to just let go.

In the past months I have become more curious about wearing a hood, but every time I look at the options out there, I discard them. All of them cover your nose and/or mouth in some or other way. Even though people tell me that it’s quite easy to breathe through some of the fabric, I have my doubts.

Then we went to the kink store some weeks ago, and there I saw a hood that only covered the eyes, not the nose and mouth. That intrigued me, and we might just go back and buy it.

Until then, blindfolds it is!

© Rebel’s Notes

25 thoughts on “Blindfolds again, and a bit about hoods

  1. What are you waiting for? Get back to that store and buy that mask Marie! It would be good see you only wearing and blindfold or mask; you just wouldn’t know what was coming!

    1. I should go back and buy it, right?! And to be honest, I prefer not to see what’s coming, as I just can relax into it so much more 🙂

  2. You know I think I would like a leather blindfold – I love leather – everything about it – may have to look into that. And you know I think if I ever got involved in a play date a blindfold may calm my nerves and as u say help u focus.
    May xx

    1. Oh yes, it definitely helps you to focus only on yourself, and just let sensations wash over you. Very freeing! xox

  3. Another informative and helpful post. I agree with you on heightening the senses And was interested in what you said about play dates too. I have not been in this situation but can see the sense in what you say and think that it might be helpful for me too. Thank you. Missy x

  4. I must say that I prefer the “look” of blindfolds … but most of my Subs, for my filming sessions at least, always want to wear hoods as they feel it makes them more “anonymous”. Possibly that’s why I also don’t like them so much as I feel that humiliation is all the stronger for them when they are left to feel less anonymous. And, also, when they are wearing just a blindfold I can gauge more of a reaction from them with their twitches and their cheek and lips movements. But I am not a cruel Mistress … so I let them hide-away in their hoods if they wish to do so.
    For my part, I wouldn’t like to wear either, as I like to see and feel completely aware of EVERYTHING going on around me. And also I don’t like my “aim” being restricted LOL !!!
    Xxx – K

    1. I can totally image how you prefer blindfolds to masks on your subs. To see their reactions must always be more rewarding than not to see 😉
      ~ Marie xox

  5. We too have a shitty blindfold. As a matter of fact, Rob broke the strap the other day, pulling it off me. I think I would like a fur one, for the thickness. But I digress.
    I love your description of yourself here, including your desire, to the point of distraction, to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves. Honestly, that is so endearing, and although I don’t know you I completely believe you are exactly like that!
    I can’t relate to that in the same way (watching others faces during play), since we have not had playdates for one thing, but I definitely relate to the desire to remove distractions so you can enjoy the moment yourself, and I think this is very difficult to do in some cases. My distractions are more noise related, but reading your post makes me convinced I should give blindfolds another try to see if they intensify anything for me! Or him for that matter!
    I really enjoyed reading this!

    1. Thank you so much, Morgan, for your very kind comment. You might indeed want to try the blindfold again and maybe, if you do not want to be distracted by noise, you might want to try some earplugs too 😉

      Rebel xox

  6. I have exactly the same when I read your posts. I have now even, with this kink of the week, taught myself NOT to read your posts until after mine has been written and posted 😉

    I have checked both Stockroom and Leather Delights and I think I might have find something on Stockroom. Will check with Master T and if we have problems with shipping, will let you know. Thanks so much for the offer, luv!

    Rebel xox

  7. I so agree with you (and most of the other entries in this meme): BDSM-lite? I think not. They are a tool like any other, it’s how you use them that makes them good. 🙂

  8. I adore the thought and the image as well. Might I recommend “the mindfold”? There is no need to tie anything and it really shuts out all light.

    1. The mindfold… I will have to give that some thought. I think it will take some practice to use it, right? 😉 xox

  9. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. As much as I enjoy reading your insightful posts the fabulous images you use to illustrate them always make your contributions a cut above. I couldn’t agree more with your take on how blindfolds impact a scene. Very well put.

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind comment! I do try to give my posts some thought regarding images and text 🙂 xox

  10. I quite agree with your thought process here!

    We simply use a scarf that we double over and tie in the back… not sure that a commercial one is needed here!

    ~Kazi xxx

  11. You are always so breath taking in your images! This one is no exception.

    I don’t think I would like being blindfolded every time. Sometimes the view is too wonderful to pass up!

    1. Thank you so much, luv! I agree, there are times that I want to see, but being blindfolded means I am not distracted by anything 🙂 xox

  12. We’ve bought several over the years, and I’ve not been happy with the quality we are finding at an erotic store. I may order one online, and may take Molly’s above suggestion on it.I also am very person centered, and it does ruin my pleasure to think that they are not getting theirs. With blindfolds, I can only focus on me – a powerful tool towards my own pleasure.

    1. I might order one online after all, since I have also followed Molly’s suggestion and saw a great one. Expensive, but much better than what we have now. I totally agree with you that a blindfold is quite a powerful toy!

      Rebel xox

  13. You’re so right; finding the right blindfold is a tricky business! Like you, I would not like my nose covered but some of the smaller options we’ve tried in the past have been quite flimsy/slippery. We’ve now got one with a wire insert to help hold it in place. A simple thing but it makes such a difference. Jane xxx

    1. A wire insert does sound like the solution. I would love to hold a blindfold in my hand before I purchase it, just to be sure that it’s better than the one we have now.

      Rebel xox

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