Some more rope tie attempts

Back when I got involved in ML’s rope challenges for the first time, with the rope gag, I also tried some of the earlier challenges she has given us. The current prompt is to take your rope outside, but I am not ready to do that just yet, so decided it’s a great time to share with you my tie attempts from back then.

Tying my leg

The first one I did was also the first prompt for Tie Me Up Tuesday – the leg tie. It was a bit difficult to get the right angle to take an image, but I was quite pleased with what it looked like.

I have to say, after being in the rope for a while, my knee started hurting. In the past years, I’ve been having increasing problems with my knees, to the point where the doctor said I am not allowed to crouch or kneel anymore. My knee was quite thankful when I removed the rope!

Mermaid tie!

The other tie I tried was the mermaid tail, but unfortunately my rope was far too short to complete it. I was happy though that I sort of managed the knots!

An image of my legs with pink rope, and the knots of the mermaid tail tie.

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 Tie Me Up Tuesday

10 thoughts on “Some more rope tie attempts

  1. Both ties look great. I think that leg tie would’ve hurt me knee too. I hear my knees crackle more often than I like now.

    Even though the rope was too short, the mermaid tie is still super eye catching.

    1. Thanks, Sass 🙂
      And yes, I know all about crackling knees. They sound terrible when I walk up and down the stairs.

  2. I am glad that you posted these pictures and the pink rope looks great. I have issues with my knees too so although the first one looks good, I think I would also struggle. missy x

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