Sink the pink

Sink the pink, it’s all the fashion
Drink the drink, it’s old-fashioned
Gimme water, gimme wine
Gonna show you a good time
Sink the pink
Sink the pink
~ Lyrics from Sink the Pink by AC/DC

An image of my breast, covered by a pink top and the shadow of my nipple bar piercing shining through.
Sometimes the suggestion is enough…

Another image from this series has been shared in my post, Color of Passion.

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20 thoughts on “Sink the pink

  1. The framing is perfect! I love the way your hand holds/squeezes and how well your nipple comes through, which is really suggestive

  2. Oh yes … teasingly very sexy Marie.

    I LOVE how we can see the shape of your piercing on each side of your nipple.

    Very tingly photo actually !!!

    Xxx – K

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