No Consent: Mandy (part 2)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Mandy (part 2)
July 1994

Continued from… Mandy (part 1)


Mandy rescued Annie from her immobility and bewilderment. She pulled Annie closer, kissed her and softly cupped one of Annie’s breasts. Fran kneeled in front of Fred and took his cock in her mouth. Fred’s hand stretched out in Mandy’s direction, where his hand fondled her exposed breast.

Soon Fred withdrew from the scene to check the meat on the barbecue. By then the three women were naked. Mandy sat in the chair — her head tilted back — Fran between her legs. Sounds of grunting and moaning alternated — a sure sign that Fran’s mouth and tongue worked their magic. Fran had her hands on Mandy’s breasts. There was little more for Annie to do than rubbing Fran’s back. Reaching Fran’s breasts was impossible as her crouching position blocked all contact. Annie glanced at him and licked eyes with Fred. To her surprise, he came over to Annie and kissed her long and deep — earlier that evening those kisses were only reserved for Mandy.

Dinner was postponed to later. They went inside to the big lounge where relaxing background music played. It was warmer inside — after all, it was winter. For the first time that evening, Fred poured all of them a drink. Like a lazy cat, Mandy stretched out on her back on the soft carpet. The air in the room seemed to change. Things were about to get serious. The foreplay was over.

The women knew exactly how this would end. Even Mandy knew this evening was all about Fred’s enjoyment. It was always about him. Mandy also knew she was Fred’s prize of the day. Annie and Fran knew they had to be satisfied with the crumbs.

Fran and Annie were on either side of Mandy. Annie tried to follow Fran’s example, because again this was the only way she would know what to do. Both sucked on Mandy’s nipples. Annie liked the way the nipple hardened under her tongue. Then Fran moved down to between Mandy’s legs. There was not enough room for both of them, so Annie kept herself busy by licking and sucking Mandy’s nipples and kissing her. After a while, Fran kissed her way back to Mandy’s tits and with her eyes, she signaled Annie to move downwards to Mandy’s pussy. They kept on changing places, speeding up the pace. Sometimes Fran stopped to watch Annie and while she kept one hand on Mandy’s body, she took her glass in the other to take a sip. Sometimes Annie had to wait a while to reach a spot on Mandy’s body as Fran really went for it and she seemed to forget that Annie was part of the game too. Annie hoped that from where he sat, playing with his cock, Fred could see that she was participating even though she had been reluctant from the moment Fred made plans for Mandy to be here. On the floor, Mandy enjoyed the sensation of the different hands on her body. The three women knew it wouldn’t take long for Fred to join.

Fred indeed decided to try his luck. Roughly, he pushed Annie away, and Fran went aside of her own accord. Fred covered Mandy’s body with his, kissed and tried to enter her. This wasn’t as successful as he might have had in mind. Annie and Fran exchanged a meaningful glance. They both knew Fred had too much to drink, and there was no way he would get an erection.

He moved away, laughing timidly.
“I don’t want to disturb your fun just yet. Go on.”
Both Fran and Annie saw the smile didn’t reach his eyes. They both kept quiet and turned their attention back to Mandy.

Behind their backs, Fred sat on the couch — sulking, watching. He knew the evening was in fact over for him, but it would be humiliating to admit this to the women. He also knew if he stopped drinking right then, it would still take too long to recover enough to get an erection. By then the women would be tired of their game, and Mandy would think he was a loser. He would have to create a diversion, to buy time to recover.

* * * * *

Annie’s knees slipped out from under her while she was on her knees between Mandy’s legs. It felt like she was off-balance from drinking too much. This was the only explanation she had for it. A couple of minutes later it happened again. This time she felt Fred’s hand on her ankle, roughly grabbing her feet to pull her knees out from under her. He pulled her away from licking and sucking Mandy. Why?

Glancing at him, she saw unbridled anger in his eyes. He was furious. Why? For heaven’s sake, why? Did she do something wrong? Was she not good enough? Curiously, she looked at him. She didn’t want the other two to notice something was wrong. However, it was too late already. Fran stopped and looked from Annie to her husband.
“Annie’s getting us all another drink,” Fred answered the unspoken question in his wife’s eyes.

To be continued… Mandy (part 3)

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