No Consent: Mandy (part 1)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Mandy (part 1)
July 1994

Continued from… Busted (part 2)

6 July
This morning Fred was even more childish about Mandy’s upcoming visit than he was in the last couple of days.
“Annie, girl, this woman is so sexy! She has a wonderful body! Wow! She knows exactly how to use that thingy between her legs to keep a guy happy.”
Inwardly Annie snorted, looking to the garden outside from where they sat in the lounge. If she could believe Fred, Mandy definitely was the only woman on the face of the earth who knew what men liked. Annie swallowed down her nausea and wished she could to the same with her jealousy.

By the end of Fred’s songs of praise of all Mandy’s qualities, Annie had learned where Fred’s excitement started. Mandy had spent the night with Fred the last time that she, Fred and Fran had a trio. After Fran had gone to her bedroom, Fred and Mandy made love (how could a man resist sex when it was offered on a tray?) and just as both of them almost reached a climax, Mandy moaned: “screw it sweetheart, screw it to death!”

These words had given Fred such an enormous thrill that after this, he had instructed Fran to talk dirty during their lovemaking. Now Annie knew why Fred had never liked it if she was quiet during sex. She also instantly knew that tonight was not about all of them having fun, but only about Fred’s pleasure.

Fran took the children to Fred’s sister, where they would stay for the night and the next day, since they didn’t have to go to school. Fred was still in his silly-teenage-mood. His childish remarks and attitude were focused entirely on making Annie jealous. Annie knew this and it was even worse that Fred succeeded.

Fred took a bath when Fran returned from his sister. He had his first two drinks while he was in the bath. When he shaved, they heard him sing. He wanted to look perfect from top to toe. He even trimmed his moustache. In neat short pants, a nice shirt and comfortable shoes he indeed look very handsome. When he stood in front of Annie, all her negative thoughts about him disappeared. It was at moments like these that she fully understood why Fran was addicted to and obsessed with him. With some last warnings and instructions, Fred left to pick up Mandy.

Annie and Fran were waiting in the lounge when Fred and Mandy arrived on the smallholding. While they were in the bath, Annie had realized Fran wasn’t looking forward to the evening either. Both women knew though that nothing would stop Fred. What Fred wanted, always happened.

To calm her nerves and the shaking of her body, Annie had a quick drink. She hated doing this, but it helped. She was shaking, not because of any kind of excitement, but she was afraid. Afraid of this unfamiliar situation. Afraid of the unknown. Just, afraid. But, there was no way back. Both she and Fran knew this. They wouldn’t be able to stop it anymore. Nothing could stop Fred once he had put his mind to it. Especially when he would be able to ‘score’.

The four of them sat down in the lounge at the bar. Fred sat next to Mandy on the one couch with Annie and Fran across from them on the other. Except for the couple of times that she answered Fran’s direct questions, Mandy ignored Annie and Fran. With their fingers intertwined, Fred and Mandy had eyes only for each other. They looked like two lovesick turtledoves. Mandy was head over heels in love with Fred, at least for that moment. They quietly and affectionately spoke to each other. Frequently, they tenderly kissed. Annie could hardly hide her jealousy.

The two women of the house had a stern lecture from Fred before he had left to pick up Mandy: they were not allowed to wear any underwear and they ‘accidentally’ had to reveal this to Mandy. Since both women were afraid of him, they carried out his instructions. However, every time they flashed their naked crotches at Mandy, they both received an irritated look from Fred. Only much later, Annie understood Fred didn’t want Mandy’s attention to be drawn away from him. His irritated glances heavily confused Annie.

Yet again, the barbecue was lighted for dinner. Mandy stayed by his side while Annie and Fran became the waitresses. As soon as the glasses of Fred and Mandy were empty, it had to be filled. Preparations for dinner, or Fred needing something from the kitchen? Fran and Annie had to run. A couple of times Fred poured drinks, trying to be the charming host towards Mandy, but even then, however polite he tried to be, he didn’t pour any drinks for Annie or Fran.

Neither Annie nor Fran had a chance to sit for even half an hour. They almost endlessly had to run to the kitchen, fulfilling Fred’s demands. At one moment, when they walked outside, the mood had changed. Fred leant back in his chair, his member hanging out of his pants. Mandy casually played with it. Fred looked at Annie with a sheepish smile. Fran however, saw this as a starting sign and she moved in behind Mandy. Her hands caressed the front of Mandy’s dress and they then disappeared inside where she softly pinched Mandy’s nipples. Fred’s eyes challenged Annie, who felt lost. She didn’t know what to do. Where did she fit into these crazy circumstances?

To be continued… Mandy (part 2)

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