No Consent: Busted (part 1)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Busted (part 1)
July 1994

Continued from… Time to end it

1 July
On her way to work – this was the last day before she and Fred would both be off from work for a short vacation – Annie’s mind was filled with Yvonne. During this vacation there would be no opportunity for her to mail any letters to Fred, and it seemed like the perfect time to make Yvonne disappear. ‘Yvonne’ would just stop writing. Discussing it with Terry when she came to the office, her friend said it was time Annie stopped this nerve-racking adventure. Terry had noticed how Annie tried to conceal her disappointment and despair when she had discovered that her hero was such a manipulative weakling.

Annie knew Fred was in love with Yvonne and that her silence and disappearance would hurt him. He had made no secret that he wanted Yvonne to fall in love with him. “That way,” he had said, “the woman would do anything for me, even make love to my wife.”

Those words had felt like knives stabbing into Annie’s heart. From that very first evening, she wasn’t fond of Fran, but she was willing to go to bed with her to please Fred. How did she ever get herself into this situation? How could she ever have been so stupid? How could she ever have given up everything that she had? Why did she give up all her independence? All these questions repeatedly popped into her head.

2 July
Several times after the fiasco with Lily, Fred had repeated that he again wanted another woman to join them to make love. He wanted it to be someone who knew the tricks of the trade. For the past two weeks Fred had been ignoring Lily’s messages on the answering machine. He was done with her. For now.

On this Saturday afternoon, Fred had yet another of his brilliant ideas. According to him, of course. He decided to call Mandy. According to him she was definitely the woman to teach both Annie and Fran how one woman should make love to another.

Fred called Mandy and demanded she should drop all she had planned for that evening and come to the smallholding for some love games. Mandy refused. She had other plans for the weekend and she wasn’t willing to change it. Not even for Fred. Annie was envious of the fact that Mandy didn’t seem intimidated by Fred. Without consulting Fran or Annie, Fred made an appointment with Mandy for the upcoming Wednesday. Fred ordered Fran to take a day off from work. He would pick Mandy up in town late on Wednesday afternoon and she would stay the night. Since both Fran and Mandy had to work again on Thursday, Fred told Fran she would take Mandy to her work. Both Annie and Fran were upset with this unexpected turn of events.

From the very moment his conversation with Mandy had ended, Fred acted like a love-sick teenager about to have sex for the first time in his life. He continuously emphasized Mandy’s wonderful capacities and whenever he could, he kept on repeating the words: “oh-oh-oh, I can hardly wait for Wednesday when at last I’m going to have a good fuc…”

4 July
It was the first official day of their vacation. Early that morning Fred went out for a ride on his old motorcycle. He drove around in the garden for a while, but then he drove out the gates onto the gravel roads that connected the different smallholdings. Annie used this opportunity to phone Terry.

It was during her call to Terry that she noticed the tape recorder which recorded all their telephone conversations. In her hurry, she had forgotten to stop it, something Fred didn’t know she had figured out how to do.
“And, did she fade out of your lives?” Terry asked, referring to Yvonne.
“Sshhht, Terry, it’s a subject I rather do not want to discuss right now,” Annie quickly answered. Terry was aware of the tape recorder and Annie now tried, without actually saying it, to warn Terry that the tape was running. Too soon, Annie heard Fred’s motorcycle entering the yard again, and coming around the corner of the house. Fred was inside before she could cut off her conversation.

To be continued… Busted (part 2)

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