No Consent: Time to end it

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Time to end it
June 1994

Continued from… Sneaky business

29 June
Almost a week later, it happened again. Annie and Fran both brought each other to orgasms, but no matter what they did, Fred showed no interest at all. He kept his eyes fixed on the television. He even turned his back on the two women. Annie and Fran decided to stop their efforts and go to bed too.

This time, Annie had a feeling of what might follow. She went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and then went to her bedroom. She audibly closed her door so Fred and Fran could hear it, but in the same movement, she quietly opened the door again. In the darkness of her room, she stood at the door. Her heart beat in her throat. The silence hurt her ears, and then… yes! There it was. Just as they did the week before, the married couple tried to keep down the sounds of their lovemaking. This time Annie didn’t feel relief. This time she felt jealousy. Why did they shut her out? What had she done? Didn’t they want her anymore?

Her thoughts strayed off. She sat down on her bed. Then she stood up again, this time to firmly, but very softly, close her bedroom door. After that, she got her scrapbook from its hiding place. Actually, it was Yvonne’s scrapbook. Annie thumbed through the book.

The last two weeks things had developed at breakneck speed. Annie didn’t like what was happening as it confirmed her original suspicions. Fred would do anything to get another woman in his bed. He didn’t care who he had to hurt to achieve his goal. Anything goes, as Fred changed the rules he set to suit himself.

Yvonne had eventually sent Fran some pictures of herself. Annie used photos of a former friend, Zelda. The photograph had been made on a ladies night where they had too much to drink. That night the women dared each other to undress in front of the camera, something some of them found quite extreme, but it had excited Annie.

The picture Yvonne had sent Fred showed a half-dressed woman, looking into the camera with a big smile. Fred was totally crazy about Yvonne. Not only because of her photo’s, but also because of her letters. He made no secret of how much he wanted her. Annie’s foreknowledge helped Yvonne to put Fred’s mind in sexual overdrive. She wrote exactly what he wanted to hear. Fred was head over heels in love with this fictitious being. He was now the one writing the letters to Yvonne, not sharing what he wrote with Annie or Fran.

It was clear that Fred wanted to possess Yvonne. He wanted to conquer her the way he had conquered Annie. In his letter, he invited Yvonne to meet him. Not them, but him. He asked her to call him at a specific time to confirm the appointment. Fred was furious when she didn’t call. Here was a woman who spoke the same sexual language he did, and there was no way for him to reach her. He had no control over her, and he hated hit. Fred couldn’t wait to see Yvonne. In his letters, he almost begged her to get in contact with him. Beauty, I want to meet you so badly, he wrote.

Oh, how Annie hated the fact that he called Yvonne beauty. That was his pet name for her when he had courted her, something he never called her anymore, not since shortly after she had moved in with them. However, she knew by now that this was his pet name for any woman whom he was trying to talk into sharing his bed with him.

Annie knew that she had to find a way to end the correspondence with Yvonne. She had reached her goal. She had found the evidence that she wanted — Fred could never be faithful to one woman only. Annie regretted that she ever continued with her idea to create ‘Yvonne’. On the other hand, she knew now that she should never trust Fred. This discovery didn’t give her the satisfaction she had thought it would. She knew that continuing the correspondence would eventually break her. Annie also knew Fred was hurting when he thought of the possibility that Yvonne was trying to avoid him. So many times, he had threatened to stop writing her, but he just couldn’t. Some thing inside him was stronger than his common sense. He wanted Yvonne and he would get her. She would be his.

But, Annie was worn out. Yvonne had to disappear from the scene just as quickly as she had come into their lives.

To be continued… Busted (part 1)

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