The fly… sharing some macro images

Scrolling through my photos of last year, looking for macro photos, I came across an image of a fly. I edited it, scrolled on and… came across a photo of a fly… well, your get the picture (see what I did there?)…

Whenever we go out for a day and take our cameras, I always take my backpack with all my lenses in it. Mostly I start out with the 18-105mm lens, and depending on where we are, I sometimes change to my 18-300mm lens. But, I am forever looking for things I can capture with my 40mm macro lens. I really want another macro lens, but it’s almost a thousand euros, so for now I make do with what I have, and accept that not all images will be perfect.

Today I am sharing a handful of my macro images with you. For each I am sharing, I took five to ten photos of the subject, because you never know when you take that one perfect image!

Green fly

In the same field as where I captured the mushrooms above, but on a different day, this fly sat on this piece of grass long enough for me to capture a couple of images. When I zoom in on this image, I see the details are not as I had it in mind, or my lens is just not strong enough to capture it, but I am quite happy with this image.

A macro image of a green fly on a piece of grass.
A fly on the grass, rubbing feet together, watching me

Original settings: ISO 100 – 40mm – f 4.5 – 1/80 sec
Edit: Lens correction in Lightroom – image crop

I’m watching you

In the first post where I shared my everyday photography, I already shared an image ( of this little fellow, but it was such a photogenic little creature, that I had to share it here again. This image was made before the one previously shared, and just as it walked towards me over the round wooden bar.

A macro image of a hairy worm.
Approaching worm

Original settings: ISO 100 – 40mm – f 8.0 – 1/250 sec
Edit: Lens correction in Lightroom – image crop – temperature +250 to 5500 – warm contrast preset in Lightroom

Another fly

Sometimes I walk around in our garden, camera in hand, and just look around to see if I can find something to capture on camera. This fly sat on the birch tree we have in the garden, and I am sure it kept an eye on me, as I snapped an image, moved a bit closer, snapped another, and only after the fourth image it flew away.

A macro image of a fly on a tree.
Posing for the picture, it seems

Original settings: ISO 400 – 40mm – f 8.0 – 1/100 sec
Edit: Lens correction in Lightroom – Lightroom presets: clear and warm contrast – image crop

Mushrooms in summer

Back in June 2019, Master T and I went to a nature walking area not far from here, and of course we had our cameras with us. The parking area was surrounded by huge tree trunks, leaving openings to get onto the walking paths. It was on one of those tree trunks I discovered these little beauties, and I think this must have been the first time I saw mushrooms in summer. They weren’t that big, but big enough to capture with my macro lens.

A macro image of a tiny mushroom.
Proudly standing in nature

Original settings: ISO 100 – 40mm – f 8.0 – 1/250 sec
Edit: Lens correction in Lightroom – Lightroom preset: high contrast color

Dead fly

Then sometimes, you just get lucky. In summer we have a lot of flies, and I am sure it’s the same everywhere, they always choose to die inside, on the window sill. I was cleaning up when I saw this one, and grabbed my camera. This time I finally managed to capture the details of the eye, simply because I could get closer to it than I would’ve had it been a living creature.

A macro image of a dead fly.
One of the best close-ups I ever made!

Original settings: ISO 1600 – 40mm – f 7.1 – 1/160 sec
Edit: Lens correction in Lightroom – Lightroom presets: natural colors – image crop


Something I love to do when out in nature, is to look up. Whether it’s looking up at the sky through the branches of the trees, or crouching down and taking pictures of flowers or other weeds etched against the sky. On the day this image was taken there were clouds and blue sky, but they totally fell away because of the focus on the plant.

A macro image of a pointy 'flower' or seed.
Etched against the sky

Original settings: ISO 100 – 40mm – f 8.0 – 1/250 sec
Edit: Lens correction in Lightroom – temperature +500 to 6000 – Lightroom preset: Natural colors

Sunbathing fly

It seems during 2019 I was really “hunting” flies with my macro lens. This is another one where you can see the texture on one of the eyes if you zoom in, and this one was still very much alive!

A macro image of a fly in the sunlight.
Bathing in the sun, but alert…

Original settings: ISO 100 – 40mm – f 8.0 – 1/100 sec
Edit: Lens correction in Lightroom – image crop

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4 thoughts on “The fly… sharing some macro images

  1. I read your first paragraph about your backpack of lenses and my back started to hurt virtually 😉 I always wanted to do macro myself but never got around buying a lens and I would not be patient enough anyway. But I like looking at other people’s macro shots precisely because I never do them myself. I like the second picture the most. It is almost “cute”.

    1. Thankfully, my backpack is not that heavy, but it’s not actually light either 😉
      Ha, who has ever thought a worm would be called cute! Almost then… thanks for your comment!

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