Just a little black dress

Walking through the front door,
Seeing your black dress hit the floor,
Uh honey there sure ain’t nothing, like you loving
Me all night long, and all I can think about is getting you home,

I don’t need this menu, no I don’t,
I already know just what I want,
Did I hear you right, did you tell me,
Go pay the waiter and lets leave,
Now honey I know by that look in your eyes,
And your hand drawing hearts on mine,
That our night out of the house, ain’t gonna last too long,
When all you can think about, is getting me home,
Lyrics from Gettin’ You Home (The Black Dress Song by Chris Young

Me in a black dress, lifting it at the back to show my bottom. Monochrome image.
Sometimes a little black dress is all you need…

During the two weeks of extreme summer temperatures, whenever we didn’t have to go out, all I wore was a dress. It was just too hot to handle anything more than that, and frankly, I like the freedom it gives me. we don’t have many of these warm days during the year, so when we do, I like to wear as little as possible.

And you know, whenever I get a chance to show off my bottom, I do!

Of course, taking this image, I added some high-heeled shoes to complete the picture!

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15 thoughts on “Just a little black dress

  1. This is so sexy. I love that you are wearing a dress and because we get only a glimpse of your bottom, it gives it a subtle voyeuristic feel. I like to wear just a drew when it is warm like that. HL seems to enjoy that too. Great image 😊

    1. Thanks, Missy. There are not too many days in the year I can wear only a dress, so when I can, I do 🙂

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