A harness, but not really a heart

The latest challenge of Tie me up Tuesday was to tie a beautiful heart harness. Now I have tied a chest harness before, the stardust harness, and when I looked at the video tutorial of the heart harness, it seemed a lot easier.

I once more decided to use the pink rope, partly because I also had pink balls on my nipple bars, but mostly because I just love how the pink rope looks against my skin. Now the harness was indeed quite easy to tie, and it’s one I will go back too, but you really have to use your imagination to see the heart in the harness! I think for this harness to really come out as intended, you need thicker rope.

Image of my naked chest, seen from the front and showing the heart harness I have tied in pink rope.
From the front… that does look like a heart, doesn’t it?
Image of my naked chest, seen from the side and showing the heart harness I have tied in pink rope.
And from the side…

Still, I like how this came out, and I absolutely loved feeling the rope around my chest. I just have to figure out a way to tie the harness properly at my back, or ‘invent’ a new harness and tie it in the front. I guess I will be experimenting…

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10 thoughts on “A harness, but not really a heart

    1. I wish I can find more of this bright-colored rope. We can’t remember where we bought it…
      Thanks May! xox

  1. I love the pink rope too and agree it looks great next to your skin.
    There are so many different variations of this tie that could be made. Experimenting makes it more fun!

    1. I am definitely going to experiment a lot more with this tie. I like that ML’s challenges have taught me a couple of ties I can do by myself, like this one. Thank you for your comment, as always 🙂 xox

  2. I really like how your nipple piercings are matching the pink rope! And I agree, the pink looks so nice against your skin.
    It does take a little bit of imagination to see the heart but I think it’s often the case with many names given to rope harnesses and I can still see it in yours! I was also wondering about possibly needing thicker rope. I still have to do mine. We’ll see how that goes lol

    1. I would definitely recommend using thicker rope, if you have some. I don’t, but we will soon be buying new rope, so that’s exciting! 🙂

    1. Thank you, N. We are going to buy some thicker rope, and then I will re-do this harness, as I really think it’s beautiful (and easy to tie!) 🙂 xox

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