Freeze me in monochrome

Diamond eyes
That burn me and turn me to stone
And freeze me in clear monochrome
~ Song lyrics from Stereotomy by The Alan Parsons Project

An image of my bottom in monochrome.
My bottomed, framed in monochrome

Last week I showed you the front, and this time you have to do with the minimalist back of these knickers.

I wonder, is it what you expected when you saw the front?

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19 thoughts on “Freeze me in monochrome

  1. Oh wow Marie … no that is not what I’d expected having just seen the front (I’m catching-up with posts that I’ve missed whilst being away on my hols).

    The front was gorgeous … and this back is absolutely brilliant. Wonderful design … I’m really envious. I want a pair. LOL !!!

    Lovely !!!

    Xxx – K

    1. Funny thing is that I had these for almost two years and this is the first time I put them on 😉
      Thanks, K xox

  2. Oh Marie, this is so heart shaped, which, I have to say suits your butt quite well 😉
    I love the poem and the title. They each fit so well with this picture. It’s a beautiful shot

  3. I like the idea of being “frozen in monochrome” — photographs really do freeze a person’s features into 2D. The old Brownies and the B&W Polaroids… You see people for years afterward, frozen in that moment (at that age!) every time you view the photo.

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