Assessing my priorities

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In the past couple of months things have changed in my life. Some circumstances have forced me to look long and hard at what and who I spend my energy on, and to re-assess my priorities. As I said to HL when I talked to him, I now look back on the past months, and feel like I have been done a favor.

After months of bad mental health, panic attacks that made me think I might die, I am stronger, and my life is finally more balanced than it has been for… years! When I start on something and want to make a success of it, I tend to push myself hard, and in doing so, it happens all to frequently that I go over my own boundaries. I take on more and more… and more… and then come to a point where I just keep on doing what I do without even thinking, or I break. This doesn’t only happen with all projects I start with, but it also happens at my work.

Something changed this year. Maybe it has to do with what happened in the past months, maybe it’s because of the state of the world, but I feel more balanced. I can finally set my priorities, do what I want to do, still maintaining my high productivity, and have more downtime than I had before.

This blog & my memes

One of my main priorities will always be my blog. In January 2021 this blog will be 11 years old, and it’s not something I will easily stop with. It has brought me in contact with some lovely people, some of whom we frequently see, others who I have almost daily contact with.

But, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have plans with this space, and with the Wicked Wednesday site.

Wicked Wednesday & 2 other memes

Observant people will have seen that I recently changed the theme on Wicked Wednesday. I had the same theme for years, so it really was time to change it. I have no plans at all to stop with Wicked Wednesday. The first prompt went live on 4 June 2012, so we are now into the ninth year of this meme, and still going strong (thanks to all of you participating!).

There are also two other memes on the Wicked Wednesday site — The Menopause Diaries and The Oral Sex Project. Both of these are ongoing memes, and will be there as long as the Wicked Wednesday site is life!

Rebel’s Notes

Like I said above, I am in the eleventh year of this space, and it will always be one of my priorities. I have started to recycle content, as I am just too proud of some posts to have them hidden away. More content will be recycled in the coming weeks/months, because remember, that’s good for the google rankings of older, popular posts.

Where up to a couple of months ago I was always writing, every evening, and pushing myself very hard because there should be a new post on my site tomorrow, nowadays I write one post on Saturday (mostly my Wicked Wednesday post for the next week) and then write the rest of the posts on Sundays. I always schedule ahead for one week. This works for me, and is something I intend do continue to do.


Something that has become one of my priorities is Blogable, a collaboration between Missy, May More and myself. The site offers a safe space for all bloggers to learn, share and benefit from our blogging experience, but also to share their own thoughts on forums, ask questions and connect with other bloggers. You have to become a member of the site, but this is entirely free!

You would say that I am trying to free up some time for myself so I have more time for myself, so why take up this project? Simple: because I love to help people, love to share what I have learned, and the two other ladies do too. I enjoy writing for Blogable, and have a lot to share still!


Of course I have made myself one of my priorities, which means I have more downtime than I did before. I have taken up crocheting, and have already finished a huge plaid, some potholders and a cat bed. I have some more things I want to make, like a cardigan each for both me and my daughter, and I am sure I will come up with more.

Besides the crocheting, I have also taken up researching my paternal family tree and find it incredibly interesting! There’s so much information to be found, from old photos to birth, marriage and death certificates, to how they lived their lives. I know it’s going to take me a LONG time before I am done with this, but that’s okay, because of the joy it brings me.


Maybe the most important of my priorities is my husband. Something happened in the past almost two months. I don’t know what. It might only be Master T’s health that’s getting better, but I think it also has to do with me having more time for myself; for being less pressured and stressed about having to create new content.

We seemed to have reconnected on many levels, and where our connection before wasn’t bad (even when we didn’t have sex) it seems more intimate now, and I really like that. Our sex life is back to being healthy again, and the reconnection on that level has done both of us so much good. So much good that we sleep much less hours on some nights than we did before!

Thankful and happy

I am thankful for being where I am now. Happy with how I am setting my priorities now. Vigilant not to retreat to where I was, but maintain this new, relaxed way of living, where I have time to hang on the couch, and watch a movie with Master T, without having to think of that one piece of writing I still have to do.

I am back to saying the words I have said so many times up to months ago: Life is good!

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19 thoughts on “Assessing my priorities

  1. I love this, Marie. I have often over the past month’s considered letting my site go, but similarly made the decision that this is a necessary piece of myself, and I would miss the connections I have made here. What happened happened, and it has been laid to rest. Things will never be the same, but I think that is good…and okay. And I’m glad you have found a way to prioritize things that truly matter. I’m always working on that.

    1. I don’t think things have been lain to rest, and I don’t think they ever will, but I have moved on. My blog and my other projects are important to me, and I will continue working on them, the way I want to. My blog will be here for a long time still, as I am definitely not ready to give up. Thank you for your comment, Brigit 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Charmer. I am really happy with all I am doing now, and thank you for joining Blogable 🙂 xox

  2. Wonderful post Marie. You should be so very proud of all u have achieved. From the moment I came across your blog and WW in 2017 u have inspired me to create my own space on the web and also push forward to be part of projects such as blogable. I think we can give back to those who have supported us. Exciting times. I too feel more balanced and am so happy about u and Mr T.

    1. The highlight of my 2020 blogging year is starting Blogable with you and Missy. I am excited for all we are going to give back to those who have supported us, even in very dark times. And I love feeling more balanced, more at ease, more me! xox

  3. I saw the headline this morning and almost freaked out. It’s good to take that time for yourself and you have to be your number 1 priority or nothing will work.

    Thanks for letting me know about Blogable earlier this week, when I find more time after my crazy hectic life changes, I can’t wait to jump back in and do more writing and be a part of that great group, even if from the side.

    Take care, xoxox

    1. I’m sorry I gave you a fright with the title 😉
      I am not planning to disappear anytime soon. Thank you for joining Blogable, and I am REALLY looking forward to read some of your stories againn 🙂 xox

  4. Time does seem to become more precious as we become more “mature” (and I mean me !!!) doesn’t it. And it’s not always easy to find, or make the best of, that precious time.

    So I am so happy for your new more relaxed times … long may it continue !!!

    Xxx – K

    P.s. – I will follow-up on your Blogable link as soon as I can.

    1. I agree, time does become more precious as we get older. We need to make the best of EVERY day, and one thing I know is that I don’t want to fill my days with negativity and nastiness, but with positive things and happiness. I went through some really bad times this year, but those bad times made me realize I need to prioritize myself. Thanks for your comment, K, and looking forward to seeing you on Blogable 🙂 xox

  5. Good for you Marie, looking after yourself and doing what you want so you may support others that need it. I look forward to you continuing to do that.

    1. Thank you, PS. It’s in my nature to help people, and I really enjoy doing so, but I also feel much happier now I have found a new balance 🙂

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