The tale of a cow, and the tail…

It’s time to share some of my everyday photography again, and this time it’s a bit the day a cow decided we weren’t welcome…

Back in May, when we were off from work for some days, my daughter invited me to bring the camera and go out on a walk with her. There’s a park close to her, where she said we could walk into the meadow where the cows are, then through another gate towards the sheep. Towards the end of the day I went to her, and we set off to the park, cameras in hand.

Now she had been there before with her husband and kids, so I let her lead the way. There were several cows in the meadow, and some calves too. One big cow lifted its head when we approached, but then lowered it again to continue eating.

Two cows in the meadow, and one cow is watching us.
The cow saw us, but continued grazing after this

The moment my daughter’s camera clicked when she snapped an image, it lifted its head again and took a couple of steps towards us. The cow’s tail was raised, and something in that seemed like a warning. We walked backwards, but stopped when the cow turned around.

The cow raises it's tail and starts charging.
Tail raised, it started walking towards us

It walked away from us — five, six, seven steps — and then it turned, and the moment it did, it started charging. Seriously, I have never run as fast as that. My daughter was way ahead of me, and I didn’t dare look around, and was so glad when she instantly opened the gate and we were on the other side. By then the cow had stopped charging, and the other cows and calves were on there way towards another gate.

The now-not-charging cow stood watching us, and then walked toward the rest, and towards the gate where we wanted to go through to get in the other meadow, between the sheep.

All the cows standing close to a gate, the cow who charged still watching us.
Guarding the gate

It stood there, watching us and scraping its feed on the ground, stirring up dust, and there was just no way we were going back in there. By then we both wondered whether this really was a cow… I don’t know enough about cows, but I think it was the bull. Or an overly protective female, because there were calves too. Anyhow, we had a good laugh, and my daughter laughed even harder that she ran way past me and only thought about me again when I trampled beside her and said “open the gate, open the gate, open the gate!”

The cow is guarding the gate.
Still guarding the gate

At least, while standing there, waiting for the cow to move back into the meadow so we could go to the sheep (which didn’t happen), a hare popped up in the grass, so we snapped another couple of photos before we continued our walk.

A hare in the grass.
A hare pops up in the grass
A close-up of the hare.
A close-up cutout of the image above

A really nice day out in the park… with a bit of extra exercise!

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  1. Oh my, I had a giggle at that image….. open the gate indeed lol

    But, seriously they must have been scary at the time! I’m glad you both got away!


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