Peach butt, a poem

When Brigit Delaney first shared some of her magnetic poetry, I was intrigued, and when she then shared her tiny poems, it intrigued me even more. I have written the occasional poem in my life, but never really got into it. I am more one for prose. However, in the past week I tried my hand at some poetry, and am actually pleased with what I have created.

Brigit’s poetry challenge this month is ‘scrambled words’ and I went looking for magnetic poetry, and actually found a website where you can create your own poems. I was surprised when in the first set of words I saw the word ‘butt’, especially since it was after I edited the image at the bottom!

A poem I wrote using online magnetic poetry.
The magnetic poem I created… Peach Butt
An image of me, seen from the back, showing my bottom, and the created poem goes perfectly with it.

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11 thoughts on “Peach butt, a poem

    1. Oh I sure hope you had a play, I really loved playing along with the words 🙂

    1. Aww thanks PS! I think I had my head tilted backwards over here, which might make my hair look much longer.

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