No Consent: Jealousy rears its head

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Jealousy rears its head
June 1994

Continued from… Lily (part 3)

20 June
Yvonne next later blew Fred off his feet.

Fran had the post with her when she returned home that afternoon. She winked and nodded when she entered the room, and Annie immediately knew what it meant. Both the women knew what Fred would read, and watched as Fred opened the letter.

Annie and Fran glanced at each other and then tried to focus their attention on Fred without him noticing it. Yvonne’s letter was addressed to Fran, since Fran was the one who had signed all the letters. The scene that Yvonne described to Fran had allegedly taken place between Yvonne and her colleague, who was also her friend. A couple of times Annie had to bite her tongue not to laugh when she looked at Fred’s expression while he read. He squirmed in his chair, trying to hide the fact that he was gradually getting an erection. The reason for Fred’s discomfort was the explicit sexual wording that Yvonne used in her letter.

To Fred it felt as if he was reading pornography:

We have been colleagues for quite some time and for almost as long, we felt attracted to each other in a special way. I immediately recognized it as a sexual attraction, but my friend mistook it for friendship. She was married and thought having sex with a woman will be seen as cheating on her husband. She was familiar with the word ‘bisexual’ and quite curious about it. One day, during our lunch hour, the attraction between us led to physical contact. We had just returned from the shops and we went to the conference room to fit our new clothes. We locked the door so no one could walk in on us. While fitting our new clothes, she told me how insensitive her husband was. The conversation quickly turned to sex. I boldly asked my friend if I could show her how tender love-play between women can be.

Yvonne carried on and described every little detail of what she did to her friend, how she caressed her, how she kissed her, how she licked her and what a wonderful climax her friend had. Yvonne ended the letter with a challenge. She dared Fran to go beyond all Yvonne’s expectations in her next letter.

Annie was startled when Fred ordered her to write a reply for Yvonne. He didn’t want to dictate the letter, only to read it before it was sent. He wanted Annie to share a detailed description of her sessions with Fran. Despite her initial reaction, the satisfaction Annie derived from Fred’s reaction made her write the letter with pleasure. She knew that Fred was walking into her trap.

However, there was another unpleasant sensation: the feeling of being in love was starting to wear off.

21 June
For about three weeks now, Annie had the idea that Fran was cross with her. After the disastrous weekend with Lily, it seemed like Fran’s mood improved, but it held for no more than a day or two. Annie called Fred from her office to discuss her suspicions of an underlying tension with him. He told her that she and Fran needed to solve this; he wanted nothing to do with it. Annie decided she would confront Fran sometime that evening. Even before dinner, she reached her limit. She just had enough of looking at Fran’s sulking face. Annie asked Fran to accompany her to her bedroom.

“Fran, can you please tell me what I have done that your mood is so bad towards me?” Annie asked after she had closed the door behind them.
“Nothing. Really. Nothing,” Fran said, her voice defensive.
“Oh, come on! Just spill it. A blind person can see something is wrong. Even Fred has noticed your bad mood, in spite of you trying to hide it. He knows what this conversation is about,” Annie pushed.
“That’s just it!” Fran snapped. “You are trying to steal Fred from me. You want to have him all to yourself. You would be all too happy if I was gone. I’m too afraid to discuss anything with you, because you always run to Fred with it. You spend a lot more time with him than you spend with me. He fucks you a lot more than he fucks me! Me! His own wife!”

Annie was quiet for a couple of seconds. She could hardly believe her ears.
“Fran, you are seeing things where there’s nothing. Of course, I don’t want Fred to myself! That’s not why I came to live here. If I wanted Fred all to myself, I would have lured him to my own house, away from you. What’s more, I don’t want you out of the way. You know Fred far better than I do and you are my support. Without you, I will never be able to cope with him.”

To be continued… Sneaky business

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