No Consent: Lily (part 3)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Lily (part 3)
June 1994

Continued from… Lily (part 2)

Fred already regretted that they had invited Lily. It irritated him immensely that the evening did not turn out the way it was in his fantasies. The magic that could have been, was gone. Fred grabbed Annie and pushed her back against the headboard of the bed. With the upper part of his body resting on her chest, his back turned to her, he pinned Annie down. He pushed her legs apart and held them in position. Fred rubbed Annie’s clitoris and called out for Lily to see what he was doing. Fred knew that it would excite her. Annie found herself in a bizarre and uncomfortable position. Her genitals were on display. The room was blocked from her view. At first, she didn’t know what to do, but then she started squirming under Fred’s weight. She tried to push him off her. Eventually he acknowledged defeat, but not before Lily had the chance to utter cheap and vulgar remarks. Annie felt humiliated and dirty. She was angry. She forgot about Fran’s warning and did not hide her true feelings anymore.

With everything spoilt, Fred saw an opportunity to affirm once more that he was the master of the house. He would make it clear to Annie once more that what he wanted would happen.
“Annie, you and Lily sleep in your room. Fran, you will sleep with me,” he said and his voice was ominously calm.
“But I…” Annie started, but swallowed her words when she saw the expression on Fran’s face. Without another word, she walked over to Fred and gave him a peck on the cheek. Fran got a kiss too, but from her Annie also got a nice cuddle, as if in encouragement.

Annie went to her room, paying no attention whether Lily followed her or not. She was angry, for different reasons. For one, it was her night to sleep with Fred; secondly, she already resented Lily, and even more so because she was terribly drunk too. And now this… this… this… now Lily has to share my bed with me.

For the first time in months, Annie wore a pajama to bed. She got into bed and stiffly stayed on one side of it. Behind her, she heard Lily entering the room.
“And don’t fuck each other’s brains out all night. We have lots of work to do in the morning,” Fred unexpectedly said from the bedroom door, “and I want this door to stay open!”
Annie didn’t even look at him. Drop dead , she thought.

Lily took Fred’s words very literally. When she crawled into bed behind Annie’s back, she started caressing Annie’s shoulders.
“I’m tired and want to sleep,” Annie said bluntly and pulled away from Lily.
However, drunken Lily had something else in mind. In one movement, her hand slipped in between Annie’s legs. Annie lay very still, afraid Fred might be listening or watching from the bedroom door. She didn’t want to make a scene. She would let Lily have her way, but thankfully before Lily could further explore Annie’s body, she passed out. Her hand was still in Annie’s crotch. Softly, not to wake her, Annie pushed it away. Just as Annie started to relax, Lily woke up. She grabbed Annie from the back and pulled her roughly towards her. Lily’s hands slid over Annie’s breasts.

“You are mine. Not Fred’s. Not Fran’s. Mine! They will never get you back again. If they try to touch you, I will kill them. You are mine. Mine! You are mine,” she repeated with a sickening smell of alcohol on her breath.
Annie could hardly believe her ears. Was Lily now claiming her? As if she, Annie, had no say in the matter. Hell, no!
“I have a relationship with Fred and Fran. I am definitely not planning to stop that and be with you,” Annie coldly said when she wrenched away from Lily. These words infuriated Lily.
“Oh, so you are one of those stuck-up women. Fuck off…” and then Annie heard a loud snore. Lily fell asleep just as she was starting to rant and rave. At last, the alcohol had taken its toll.

18 June
With the first light of day, Annie was out of bed. Her body hurt all over from the lack of sleep, and the uncomfortable and tense position she had spent the night next to Lily. When Fran entered the kitchen a good while later, the coffee was ready. Fred normally woke up around six in the morning, always wanting sex. Annie and Fran made the ‘coffee-rule’, which meant the one sleeping with Fred had to make the coffee. That way the other could have a lie-in.

Just like every morning, Annie had her first cup of coffee in the main bedroom in the company of Fred and Fran.
“And, did you enjoy it?” Fred asked with a mocking smile. Annie snorted. Her irritation had not subsided yet. Fred wasn’t in a good mood either. He had a headache, which probably was the result of the amount of booze that he consumed the evening before.
“Did something happen?”
His tone warned Annie that Fred wouldn’t tolerate much more of her anger.
“Yes, and I am not happy with you for sending me to bed with her.”
Annie shortly told the couple what happened in her bed the night before. To Annie’s outrage, Fred started to laugh.
“So, you have a new girlfriend,” he teased Annie, “and Fran and I should keep our hands off you. Fran, you and I will have to find a new girlfriend. Ha-ha-ha! Annie has found someone else. Ha-ha!”

Fran saw that Annie was close to tears.
“Fred, stop it. I’m not letting Annie go. She belongs with us,” Fran warned her husband.
Before Fred could answer, Lily entered the room. In a flash, Fred’s expression turned grim. For now, he wanted Annie to think he would give her up, but he would never do it. And definitely not to someone like this neglected woman. It seemed that Lily sensed Fred’s temper and she surmised correctly that it was about Annie. She rubbed her head, as if trying to remember what happened the night before.

“Fran,” she started, “can you take me home?
“We have some chickens to slaughter today,” Fred answered curtly. “You used to help us, Lily. You can help us today. We need the extra hands. Afterwards Fran and Annie can drive you back home. Come on ladies, take a bath and get dressed. We have a lot to do!” he ordered.

The manner in which Fred spoke to Lily reminded Annie of the way that some people would speak to a servant. Lily didn’t seem to mind. She obediently followed Fred’s orders. It was around three o’clock that afternoon — and after Lily had yet again consumed half a bottle of booze at a lightning speed — that Annie and Fran drove her home.

This was the last time that Annie ever saw Lily. She felt like she had been through an initiation ceremony. Having a third woman join them in the bedroom was no pleasant occurrence. Annie hoped the experience would never be repeated.

To be continued… Jealousy rears its head

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