No Consent: Lily (part 2)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Lily (part 2)
June 1994

Continued from… Lily (part 1)

The wood had burnt to coal and the meat was ready to be barbecued. The children moaned that they were hungry but Fred was immovable. The women had to drive out on this calm mild winter’s night to pick up the third woman Fred wanted in his bed. They had to do it, so horny Fred could satisfy his own needs.

Annie didn’t know what to expect, but when looking back on it (even years later), she knew it was better that in that moment she had no idea of what was coming.

“Fran, I want this Lily to know exactly who and what I am on the smallholding. I refuse to pretend that I’m a chance visitor,” Annie said on their way to the city.
“Oh girl, don’t you worry, I will properly introduce you to Lily. I’m not happy about all of this either, but once Fred has an idea…”
Fran stopped mid-sentence. She stared out the side window.

“I don’t like this situation at all. To me it feels like Fred is not satisfied with me anymore,” Annie said.
“Annie, we’ll help each other get through this. This is something I had to get used to over the years. One word of advice: do not ever let Fred discover your real feelings when we play tonight. Come on my friend, we’ll get through this.”
It sounded as if Fran was not only trying to pluck up Annie’s courage, but her own too.

They turned onto the street where Lily lived. A plump woman waited on the pavement in front of a block of flats. Annie thought it was Lily, but it turned out to be Lily’s sister. She seemed to recognize Fran inside the car, as she immediately walked towards it when they parked.
“Lily’s quickly taking a bath,” she said, smiling, “she’ll be down soon. Oh, Fran, I am so glad you invited Lily. She had a huge fight with Heather and she’s quite shaken up. Getting out of the house will take her mind off things.” Lily’s sister was truly concerned.

What Annie saw when Lily came running down the stairs and quickly got into the car, shocked her deeply. Apparently the fight Lily’s siter talk about was physical. One of Lily’s eyes was blue and swollen. On her arm, she had a wound, which Annie would later learn was caused by a knife. Later that evening, they discovered cuts on her legs too. Apparently, the wounds were inflicted upon Lily when she tried to end the relationship with Heather.

Annie was relieved that she had to focus the majority of her attention on the traffic. It helped her to hide her enormous aversion and what could be described as an unhealthy bias that she had against certain characters in society. Why certain people evoked feelings like this in her, Annie couldn’t explain. She hated narrow-mindedness. Still, when she met someone and she felt an instantly dislike, her feelings almost never changed for the better. Lily was someone who she instantly disliked.

“Lily,” Fran said shortly after they drove off, “this is Fred’s fiancée, Annie.”
Other than a soft “hello” from Lily, Annie and Lily didn’t speak to each other on the way back to the smallholding.

When they arrived home, the three women walked to the back of the house where Fred waited. Annie wanted to see the man’s reaction when he greeted Lily, so walked a couple of meters behind the other two women. The shock was obvious in Fred’s eyes when Lily walked into the light, but he quickly concealed it. Soon all of them sat with a drink in their hands, and Annie could discreetly observe Lily. What she saw was an unkempt woman. Her bloodshot and blue eye accentuated this appearance. Even though she disliked Lily from the very first moment, she forced herself to act normal. Fred could never find out what her true feelings were.

After all, Fran did warn her.

The evening passed far too quickly to Annie’s liking. They had dinner shortly after the women had returned, and once the kids were in bed, the adults also went inside. They sat in the small living room and enjoyed some more drinks. Annie watched with growing amazement how quickly Lily drank one glass after the other. While they had their dinner, Annie felt sorry for Lily when she saw how greedily she ate. If she ate that amount of food with every meal, she would definitely not have been as skinny as she was, Annie thought.

Then the dreaded moment came. Fred ordered the three women to go to the bathroom for their bath. Lily was shy, but eventually undressed and joined Annie and Fran in the large tub. Annie felt uncomfortable, as Lily was shamelessly staring at her. She got out of the bath quicker than normal. Annie just had to escape those staring eyes.

“Lily, are you going to shave too?” Fran asked just after Annie got out of the bath.
“No.” Lily bluntly refused.
“Come on now. You know that Fred would like it,” Fran tried again.
“Annie did it too. Why won’t you? Come on. Then do it for me.” Fran just would not stop. She kept on nagging Lily to shave. Suddenly Lily jumped up and got out of the tub. She had enough of Fran’s fussing.

Fred took a bath next. When he came back into the bedroom, Annie and Fran were busy rubbing body lotion onto Lily’s body. Annie painstakingly followed Fran’s example. To her it was very important to have an example, as she had no idea how to handle this new situation. When Fran sucked on Lily’s right nipple, Annie sucked on the left one. Annie’s movements were reserved; those of Fran were not. Tonight Fred wanted to be part of the action. He started caressing Annie, who was between him and Lily. The positions changed. Fran and Lily were now busy with each other, while Fred and Annie were enjoying each other’s attention. This did not last for long. On Fred’s incentive, Annie turned around to face the two other women. Fran was on her back with Lily on her knees between Fran’s legs, sucking Fran’s clitoris. Annie now was on known territory. She kissed Fran and alternately sucked her nipples. Fred moved down and positioned himself behind Lily. He entered her from behind — doggy style.

It was over almost before it started. Lily abruptly pushed Fred away before he could really get into fucking her. Lily stood up, and walked to the dresser to pour herself another stiff drink. She sat down on the far end of the bed, out of reach from anyone, taking big gulps of her drink.

To be continued… Lily (part 3)

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    1. Yes, I think her life was terrible, and she was just another woman that couple took advantage of in the most terrible way, only to satisfy his sexual appetite. I was too caught up in things at that time to recognize that, but stepping back and writing about it, I understand and see how abusive he was, and how his wife enabled him to do it. If she didn’t, she would take a beating, like I have already written earlier in the story.

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