No Consent: Lily (part 1)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Lily (part 1)
June 1994

Continued from… Yvonne’s first letter

15 June
‘Yvonne’ didn’t wait to receive the entry form. Annie just took a copy from the file, and two major things were absent once she was done completing it: her telephone number and a photograph. She explained that she had just moved and was waiting for her telephone line at home to be connected, and at work she wasn’t allowed to receive personal calls. The reason she gave for the absence of a photo was that she preferred to meet people face to face, as photos could never show who she really was. In this letter, Yvonne hinted that she and Fran could get to know each other better through their writing, and if it clicked… ‘who knows what might follow…’ were her promising words.

Fred was disappointed when there was no telephone number on Yvonne’s entry form, but he smiled when he read her letter. Because of the pleasant feeling it gave him, he decided to send her one more letter, and her response would determine whether she would become a club member. He immediately summoned Annie to type a letter to Yvonne.

While he dictated, Annie typed, and as she did, she realized that Fred had his suspicions about Yvonne. His words were brutally to the point. He wanted to provoke the woman and push her into action. Yvonne was invited to write explicitly, elaborating on what she wanted from the club.

Fred was smug about his own words, and thought he knew how Yvonne would react. He shared this with Annie, and inwardly she smiled. She knew exactly what Fred wanted to hear! ‘Yvonne’ would wind him around her little finger.

Fred folded the letter after Fran had yet again signed it. He put it in the envelope, sealed and addressed it, and gave it to Annie to mail it the next morning, on her way to her work. In her bed that night, Annie started working on a reply to the brutal letter.

17 June
Just like every Friday evening, the adults sat outside, each a drink in their hands, enjoying the crisp evening air while the fire for the barbecue burned.

“Do you know what I would like now?” Fred asked Fran, ignoring Annie completely.
“Tell me…”
Fran’s voice was friendly, as if she was willing to grant any request of Fred.
“Another woman,” Fred said and Annie couldn’t help turning her head towards him in shock. Was the man crazy? They had only received a couple of letters, and no one except Yvonne had sent them their completed forms. Besides that, the women had already made it clear to Fred that they weren’t eager to invite another woman to join them. Fran’s thoughts were identical to that of Annie, but she knew better than to go directly against one of Fred’s wishes.

“But honey, there’s no one you could ask…”
“Of course there is,” Fred interrupted his wife, “we can call Lily. If she knows that we have more than enough food and booze, she will come right away. No pun intended.”
To both the women it was clear he had given this some thought before he mentioned it. Fran objected half-heartedly, but Annie was lost in thought. It was obvious Fred didn’t want to wait until the club had grown some. He wanted action now.

Annie’s thoughts went round and round. She lacked the words, the understanding for what Fred wanted. When the three of them were together, it was called a trio. And with one extra? What was it called? A foursome? A quartet? Or an orgy? Annie was disgusted. This wasn’t what she imagined her relationship with this couple to be like. But then again, what did she expect to find, living with a married couple the way she did?

She snapped back to reality when Fred got up and walked inside to call Lily.
“Do you remember we told you about the housekeeper we had?” Fran asked, and she continued before Annie could speak. “Lily was the housekeeper, but she didn’t work and live here for long. She was also involved in our games, but then she started a relationship with another woman. Fred didn’t want that so he asked her to leave. She still lives with her lover, but even so, before you, Lily occasionally joined us.”

In the background, Fran and Annie heard Fred talking to Lily. Then Fred called Fran to the phone. It turned out he didn’t have the guts to invite Lily to the smallholding. Fran had to do it. Annie heard most of what Fred and Fran said while they talked to Lily. Not once did she hear either of them mention her name. It was like they deliberately avoided mentioning Annie’s presence to Lily. Fran set an appointment with Lily for the same evening.

To be continued… Lily (part 2)

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