LCHF 22: It’s time again!

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Continued from #LCHF 21: Two months in

In the first half of August I had my monthly appointment at the chiropractor. The appointment wasn’t only for a treatment, but also for a scan. I had a scan the first time I went to the chiropractor, and was scheduled to have a new one late March, but of course due to the corona virus, the scan didn’t happen.

Now, most of August was warm, but some of it was just too much. We had a heatwave that lasted 12 days, and that, combined with me sitting at the computer all day, working from home, caused my feet to swell so much that they hurt on the top when I walked. I was too late with taking measures – drinking more water and getting up and walking more. In the mornings, when I woke up, my feet were okay, but as the day progressed, it got worse.

The scan

The first time I had the scan, I had to sit and they literally did a scan of my back, not only my spine, but also the muscles. I had to answer a list of questions, they took two photos — a front and side profile — and that was it. This second time, they had acquired new devices, and the scan was now also a health check. They measured my length, my blood pressure and my heart rate. I had to step on a scale (and immediately start making excuses and told the lady I was retaining fluids — the appointment was at 9am), and while on the scale some more measurements were done. I also had a list of questions I had to answer, which gave a ‘health score’.

All this information was relayed to the chiropractor, and he once again took two photos of me. Then it was time to get the results, and of course I knew he would mention my weight. According to the list he had, my ideal weight would be somewhere around 65 kilograms, but he said that’s always too low, and immediately added 10 kilograms to that. Bless him. The weight he mentioned was just 3 kilograms below my own goal weight, which is the weight I was when I turned 50. Of course he also mentioned that my current weight — which I still felt was too high because of the retained fluids — is adding to my back problems.

Corona weight gain

I think it must’ve been somewhere in June, maybe July, that I heard everybody around me about their ‘corona weight gain’, and when I weighed myself, I was happy to say that I had ‘only’ gained 2 kilograms from March, when we went to London. Back then I was two months into a new attempt to get back to the LCHF lifestyle, which doesn’t only help me lose weight, but mainly benefits my tummy problems. Back then I was down 7 kilograms, and of that I had gained only 2.

The morning after I had the scan, I got on my own scale, and was appalled. The scale now showed that I had gained all of the 7 kilograms I had lost earlier in the year.

It’s time again!

That was the moment that I decided it was time to take better care of myself. The first week I managed to drink a bit more water, stood up more, and more or less watched what I eat, but my heart didn’t seem to be in it. Instead of the scale showing a loss, it showed the same number as the week before. The weather was cooler, and my feet were better, but in the evenings I still noticed swelling.

Last week was better. I walked around more. Drank more water. Was careful with everything I put in my mouth. Made proper choices. On Tuesday night I still noticed some swelling of my feet, but later in the week this was better too. Where I knew it was time to get back to the LCHF again, I remembered how I did it in the beginning of the year. Back then I was in no way as strict as I was back in 2016, and it suited me just fine. That was the way I wanted to do it again this time too. Once I remembered, and once I found that switch in my mind, it was fine.


On Saturday I got on the scale and it showed a massive loss of weight. I literally stared at the scale, not understanding the numbers it showed. My weight was down to only 1 kilogram above what I weighed back in March. Only 1.

It took a while to realize that the 7 kilograms ‘weight gain’ probably all was because of the fluids I retained. Whatever the reason, I didn’t care. I was so happy. Did a couple of silly dances, to the point where Master T sighed and rolled his eyes! Okay, maybe I imagined the rolling eyes, but he definitely sighed.

To say I am motivated to carry on, will be an understatement. And this time I want to get it right. I have been yearning to get back to the same weight as February 2017 for so long — all you have to do is look at my LCHF series on this blog — and it’s time. I can do this!

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10 thoughts on “LCHF 22: It’s time again!

    1. I am going to do my absolute best, but am actually quite confident about it this time. And I am just doing LCHF again, although I am not going that low in my carbs again xox

  1. I’m so pleased you’re off to a great start. It is a huge confidence boost, isn’t it. That (imagined) eye roll… I’m sure he is as proud of you as you are. Look forward to seeing your journey.

    1. I am quite confident that this time I will manage to see it through. I don’t want to be too strict on myself, but enjoy keeping to the diet. Making proper choices is actually quite fun 😉

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