Hottest Heel Tie Ever!

As I am writing this, and on the day I did the heel tie, the news announced: we officially have a heatwave. In the Netherlands, when it’s warm, it’s only described as a heatwave when we had at least five consecutive days of temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius, of which at least three of those five days should be above 30 degrees Celsius. The day of the heel tie was the third day above 30 degrees Celsius, 32 to be precise, opposed to the 34 the day before.

On the first day of 30 degrees I noticed that my feet are quite swollen. Part of this is because I don’t drink enough, which of course prompted Master T to remind me to drink water, to see if we can get the swelling to go down. Not really, unfortunately. Which meant, when I did this tie, I had swollen feet…


I brought my black shoes with me when we came downstairs in the morning, and after doing some chores and re-arranging my desk, it was time to try the rope tie. By now my feet were already swollen again, so it might have been better had I done the tie earlier in the day. I watched the two tutorials, decided the first heel tie ( is easy enough, and set out to do the tie.

Of course, the very first step was to get the shoes on. My left foot was far more swollen than my right, and I didn’t even attempt to get a shoe on that foot. With quite some effort, I managed to squeeze my right foot into the right shoe. I felt like one of Cinderella’s stepsisters trying on her glass shoe!

The heel tie

When I saw the beautiful heel ties, I had already decided to use black shoes and pink rope. I used a 3-meter length of rope (the shortest we have) and set out to do the tie. It was really easy, and the more I wove the rope around my shoe and foot, the more I liked it. I had an awkward bit of rope left, and tucked it into the outer side of my foot, where it wouldn’t show on the photos.

I didn’t forget!

This time I didn’t forget to set up the camera first. Where normally I would make the photos in my studio (and I really wish I had, looking at these images), because of the heat I decided to make them in the lounge, in front of our bright black glass television cabinet. I might try this tie again in future, but will then do the photos in my studio, as I really like the look of the heel tie, but also because I literally had only these three photos to use!

Oh and, I will do it on a cooler day!

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12 thoughts on “Hottest Heel Tie Ever!

  1. Meh for heat. I am not a summer person and it has been really hot here too. I love the pictures, and it is always lovely when there is a mark left by the rope!

  2. The great thing about the swelling is the lovely rope marks left behind. That’s always my favourite part. I would like to get them tattooed but alas, have yet to find an artist that can capture it 🙂
    The pink rope is stunning btw 🙂

    1. When we have heatwaves it’s terrible, as the humidity is very high too. Even sitting still makes you sweat profusely.
      I also wish I had more posts to join in with, as I love the idea of your meme 🙂

  3. I know you’re not asking for advice, but I just want to leave you a note about ways to reduce the swelling in case it helps:

    1. Walk — It’s incredibly important to increase circulation to help reduce swelling, especially when you have a sedentary/desk job. Standing up and walking around, even if it’s just to do laps around your living room (if you’re working from home) will go a long way.

    2. Cut salty carbs, soda, and alcohol from your diet when you swell. All three contribute to water retention.

    3. Drink coffee (black), tea (unsweetened), and water. Coffee and tea are both diurrhetic so they pull excess water from your system, and water helps your body filter better.

    4. Apply ice to the swollen area but make sure it’s indirect application (i.e., wrap the ice in a towel first — don’t place the ice cubes directly against your skin.

    I have problems with my feet and ankles swelling when I sit for long periods of time; I always get elephant ankles when I fly, especially. Those are the things that work for me. 🙂

    1. Advice is always welcome, as this really is the first time I am having problems with this. I definitely need to walk more, drink less alcohol and more water, and I need to get myself icepacks as we never have ice in the house. Thanks for the tips, Feve 🙂

  4. Oh goodness the heat must make it uncomfortable for you.
    But your rope does look lovely … very clever … and patient of you.
    I don’t normally say I hope the hot days will pass … but for your sake I hope it will.
    Xxx – K

    1. This is the first time ever I’ve had problems with swelling during the heat, and it has been pretty uncomfortable. I need to drink more, and walk more, to see if I can solve this problem. Thanks, the tie was quite nice to do 🙂 xox

  5. The heat is insane in the Netherlands. As a child, I remember how rare it was to get the actual heatwave and the news would like count the days and then if we did it was so exceptional. It’s mindblowing and worrying how quickly this has changed. It’s so strange your feet swell because of the heat? o: Does it hurt? It must be so annoying.
    The tie looks so pretty. I love how vibrant the pink looks on your skin and black shoes. I like that you added the two side ones, one with the rope and one with. I struggled a bit with getting my tie/rope completely linked to each other with no gaps but you managed that so well! ?

    1. They are still counting the days, and I believe this one lasted 10 days of which 8 of those days were above 30 degrees! Insane! My feet indeed swells because of the heat. My mom always retained fluids too, and it seems I have taken this over from her. It must be a genetic thing. And yes, towards the evening when it’s worse, it really hurts to move my feet. I am trying to drink more and move more, but it only helps a bit.
      I really enjoyed this tie, and I believe this is the second one I will be able to do from memory ❤

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