Freestyling the arm tie

Each time ML sets us a new prompt for Tie Me Up Tuesday, I look at the tutorial to see whether I will manage to do the tie alone. This time, for the arm tie, there was a video tutorial of a guy doing the tie on himself. I was confident that I would manage the arm tie.

Quite confident… until I started.

The arm tie as shown in the video seemed simple, but once I tried to follow it, I lost it only after the first seconds, roundabout where the first knot had to be done. I started over, and when again I couldn’t do it the way it was done in the tutorial, I decided to just do my own thing. I had an idea of how the tie should be done from when I watched the full tutorial, so I just did it from memory.

I am not unhappy with the result!

A close-up of an arm tie I did with blue rope.
I am also wearing some new lingerie… more to follow!
Showing the arm tie in blue rope from the side.
I actually like the look of this, and it did leave some nice marks!
 Tie Me Up Tuesday

2 thoughts on “Freestyling the arm tie

  1. Haha! Quite confident until you started. I can’t believe you did this from memory/just made it up. It looks pretty neat and effective? And I love that blue colour.

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