Are we really back this time?

Two cherries in a white heart-shaped bowl, and the stems between the cherries bent back to form a heart.

Back in September 2019 I wrote a post with the title ‘Are we back?‘ and a week later I confirmed: Yes, we’re back!

We weren’t back

Sex once again didn’t happen after that, despite the mood being lighter. The mood changed from lighter to darker again as Master T’s health problems continued. Sex might have happened once more in 2019, and it also might not have. When 2020 started, I decided to count my orgasms for the year, but after writing Don’t stop believin’, I stopped. It wasn’t because I stopped believing, but where my hope flared up once more then, two or three weeks later I settled back in, accepting that sex will not be a frequent thing between us. Maybe not ever again.

So, when we had sex for only the second time this year, my mind was fully set to accept that it will be gone again for 3-4 months.

Then something happened

It was the last weekend in July that we went to bed far too late on the Friday night, and just as we settled in, Master T pinched my nipples. Hard. Something stirred inside me. It had been so long since he last did that, or touched me in a sexual way. I really wanted this, but I could barely keep my eyes open. I asked him if he could hold the thought and repeat it the next night, fully knowing that it might not happen. The next day we both frequently hinted at the pinching scheduled for that night. It was late once more when we got to bed (this seems to be our habit during weekends), and there it was: the pinching. But it turned into more. There was fingering and nipple biting and orgasms and later some cock sucking too. I went to sleep with a smile on my face and the thought that this could keep me going for the next three months.

And more happened

The next weekend, on the Saturday night, Master T switched the television on and put porn on. “Porn?” I asked. I knew what this meant, and inside I jumped up and down with joy. And sure. Sex followed. He made me begged for my orgasms, keeping me on the edge of several by stopping all stimulation the moment I asked for permission to come. I swallowed his come later and the next day I was constantly smiling. After two weekends of sex, I wondered how long the upcoming stretch of no sex would be.

Only a week. The next weekend we had sex on both the Friday and the Saturday nights. There was nipple pulling, fingering, orgasms denial, pinching, and of course, lots of orgasms — his and mine. This past weekend we had sex again. The fourth weekend in a row! This time he didn’t edge me that much, but every time he sensed my orgasm nearing, he slapped my cunt. It was deliciously painful, and I even asked for more pain, wanting him to pinch my nipple and slap me harder. He did. Fully satisfied and with the taste of his come in my mouth, I went to sleep, once more with a smile.

Has lust returned?

We don’t know how, but some weeks after Master T stopped his meds, there was a major improvement in his leg. What I had forgotten about was that the immune suppressants he took could also influence his libido. Yes, the dermatologist said that’s not true, but I have found several articles online which actually mentioned loss of libido as a result of taking immune suppressants. With Master T now seeming to have found his lust again, this does seem to prove that much of his ‘not being in the mood’ was caused by the tablets.

My libido was low to almost gone too, but it seems all it needed was a bit of stimulation. It’s not like I am now constantly thinking of sex, but I am definitely thinking of it more than I did in the first half of this year.

What I really enjoy is seeing the sparkle in Master T’s eyes again. Sometimes a simple kiss is not just a simple kiss anymore. There’s a sparkle in his eyes, which turns the kiss into something sensual; something with a promise of what is to follow. Maybe not the same day, but soon. We feel the want for each other again, and it seems the lust has returned too. We might never get back to having sex more than once a week, but hey, averaging once a week is better than averaging four times a year, right?!

Love and lust

Through all of the hardships of the past 3.5, almost 4 years (this started in September 2016), our love has been as strong as ever. Even on our lowest days, there were times we acknowledged to each other how lucky we are to have what we have. Lust might have been low, but our love never was.

The way I look at it, love is what pulls you through. If lust was more important to us, or stronger than our love, I don’t think we would’ve been together anymore. We have always put our love in the first place, and lust was just a nice ‘topping’ on all the good we share.

After four weekends of sharing both love and lust, I am happy to say that we are ready to keep that lust-cherry back on top again!

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17 thoughts on “Are we really back this time?

  1. So lovely to read Marie … has me smiling from ear-to-ear … a wonderful start to my weekend.

    AND … you are so right … “love is what pulls you through” … it is the MOST IMPORTANT emotion of all isn’t it.
    It’s certainly true for Hubby and I as well … it brings everything together in even the most troubled of times.

    Don’t you just wish more of the world could feel it too !!!

    Lovely, lovely post.

    Xxx – K

    1. I so agree, for more of the world to feel what TRUE love is. If it wasn’t for the love Master T and I have for each other, I don’t even want to think where we would’ve been today. We’ve come through some rough times and came out even stronger on the other side! Thanks for your lovely comment, K xox

  2. Marie, I absolutely love seeing this!
    I am so thrilled for you two!! I know how it can get frustrating and disappointing at times, especially when you love someone so much.
    Love you both!!
    Belle xoxo

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