Double the fun with a stardust harness

The back tie of the stardust rope harness
The back of the tie… definitely not perfect.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do this tie myself, so mentioned to Master T that I would really like to try it, and might need his help.
“That’s fine,” he said, which of course made me smile.

A couple of days later, on the Sunday, I brought down the pink rope I used in my previous ties, opened the tutorial for the stardust harness, and realized the pink rope wasn’t long enough. Even though we had two pieces, we would still need more. I didn’t want to use two colors, and on asking Master T, he said we had nothing longer than that. Then he looked doubtful for a minute and said: “Although, I think the black rope might be long enough.”
Minutes later he went upstairs to check, and I soon followed him.

We set out doing the tie together — him behind my back, me in front. At one stage we misread some of the instructions and had to undo part of the tie, to get it right. We might have gone wrong a couple of times more, but in the end we just sort of ‘free-wheeled’ it and we re satisfied with the result.

The front of the stardust harness.
The front of the harness… I see where we went wrong, but I still like it!

After we have done the pictures, Master T helped me to undo the rope. Where I had hoped it would spark something sexy to happen between us, it didn’t, but we did have a nice time together trying to figure out the tie. We are absolute beginners at rope bondage, but definitely not at having fun together!

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13 thoughts on “Double the fun with a stardust harness

  1. I think the tie looks just fine. Don’t know what you’re talking about at the back I think it’s very interesting. I like how the flowers of your tat roll up into the star. The nipple bars even work into the design. Nice work Master T in the back and you in the front, Marie.

    1. Thanks, Elliott. I really like the front with my tattoo and piercings too. And the back might not be right, but it’s ‘our’ tie, right 😉

  2. This looks great and I love that you did it together. We tried and it was going well, but like you, our rope was not long enough so no picture I am afraid ?

    1. I am glad Master T found the longer rope so we could do the tie. A pity you have no images, but at least you tried the tie 🙂

  3. Not getting it right the first time just gives you a reason to try again 😉
    Although I think it looks lovely!

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