Second half of 2019

As stated back in May, I want to share my ‘normal’ images more frequently. The plan now is to share it once a month, but like it sometimes go with plans, I might skip a month, or I might share more than once a month. I guess time will tell.

Since before I have shared photos from the first half of 2019, this post will have photos from the second half, more or less.

Favorite spot

The Maasvlakte is a well-know part of the Port of Rotterdam, and is a man-mad extension of the Europoort. Master T and I like to drive out there wit our cameras, he because he loves to take pictures of the industry (we still have plans to return there at night) and I because I just love seeing the ocean, and finding smaller things (like the worm in my previous photography post) to capture with my macro lens.

Our favorite spot on the Maasvlakte is totally at the end of the road, where there’s a small café where we always eat a snack or two, while watching boats and ships sail from or to the open ocean. The image below was taken at that spot in June 2019 (and yes, I know this is still the first half of the year, but we were on holiday then, and the second half had less ‘normal’ images).

A favorite spot

Original settings: ISO 100 – 75 mm – f 7.1 – 1/800 sec
Edit: Lens correction in Lightroom – cropped to straighten horizon – temperature +500

The fly

On the same day the above image was taken, we drove back home and ended up at a hotel next to the river. We took a short stroll towards the river and took the cameras with us. I still had my macro lens on the camera, and spotted this fly, which of course just begged to be captured. Thankfully it sat perfectly still. I managed to snap three images, and this was the best of those.

A macro image of a fly
A close-up fly

Original settings: ISO 100 – 40 mm – f 8.0 – 1/250 sec
Edit: Lens correction in Lightroom – cropped to square – temperature +1000 – contrast +30 – white tones -45 – preset: warm contrast

Fly away

At the beginning of September 2019, my daughter and I set out on another photography adventure together. We both wanted to go to our national airport, and get as close as we could to a runway to not only watch the planes take off, but also capture them on camera. We came real close, and could see the spot where the plane turned, heard the engines whining and saw them shot forward and lift their wheels off the ground right in front of us. We had the perfect spot to capture those planes, and that day found out how difficult it is to capture a moving item in camera.

We followed the planes with our lenses from the moment they started moving, until they were up in the sky, both our cameras on ‘burst’. I captured more than 600 photos in the two or three hours we sat next to the runway, and when I looked back on the images, the ones I liked the best were when the plane was already up in the air, like the one below. Also, when I looked back at the images, I realized I should’ve checked the settings of my camera during the afternoon, especially as the weather went from sunny to cloudy during the time we were there.

Flying away to far away destinations

Original settings: ISO 100 – 220 mm – f 22.0 – 1/250 sec
Edit: Lens correction in Lightroom – temperature +1000 – lighting +1.50 – shadows -25 – black tones +25


At the end of September 2019, I spent a day in London and walked in Hyde park, where there were quite a lot of people (it was a beautiful day) and also a lot of squirrels. I tried so hard to capture one of them on camera, and I can’t tell you how many images I have of only a tail, or just some blurred movement in the image as the squirrels ran away. It was only once I had given it up, and had put my camera away, that we came across a couple who actually sat still, and I finally managed to snap a picture of this one.

Just sitting here, eating…

Original settings: ISO 100 – 100 mm – f 5.6 – 1/40 sec
Edit: Lens correction in Lightroom – cropped to bring squirrel ‘closer’ – temperature +650 – lighting +0.50 – shadows +41 – highlights -39 – black tones +28 – white tones -33

Red and white

At the end of October 2019 my daughter and I had a photo trip planned to one of our favorite woods. It’s big and beautiful and has a lovely pancake restaurant, where we like to go for lunch. But, on this day we had another goal: we were going to hunt down the evasive fly agaric. It was the right time for it, but sometimes you can walk in the woods and not see one of them.

We ended up finding quite a couple, but had to jump over ditches and lie on our tummies between the bug, hunting the perfect picture.

The fly agaric

Original settings: ISO 800 – 105 mm – f 5.6 – 1/250 sec
Edit: Lens correction in Lightroom – temperature +500

First photography outing

This post and the other one just showed a small portion of the many images I took during 2019, on days out with my husband and those with my daughter. I love going out with both of them, but can go off road and walk longer distances with my daughter, than I can with Master T.

In May we had our three weeks off from work as we normally do every year, except of course this year there was nothing ‘normal’ about it. Master T and I drove out with the cameras a couple of times, but during those three weeks I also had to log in to work, and the painters were busy painting the outside of the house, so we couldn’t leave the house. I have a couple of nice images to show of those days out with Master T, but obviously need to go out and take more if I want to keep on sharing.

My daughter and I are going on a photography outing for the first time in July. It’s a day we want to be together anyway, because it will be three years ago that my mom passed away. We will go somewhere to take nice images, have lunch together and end the day going to mom’s grave to bring flowers.

And of course I will be sharing some of the images from this day too! We just need to decide where we want to go…

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16 thoughts on “Second half of 2019

  1. I love the ‘a favourite spot’ picture. There’s something about the tranquility of this image with only the one object to focus on.

    Your close ups are always amazing Marie. It’s pretty cool you managed to capture a fly as I don’t think they like to sit still that much. And the squirrel even more so! I’m so jealous of that picture.

    1. Aww thanks ML. That squirrel really made it difficult for me, but I was so glad when I finally captured it. And that favorite spot… we go there a couple of times a year, and always try to be there when the big ships arrive in or depart from the port of Rotterdam 🙂

  2. ‘Normal’ pictures are my favorite to take. I’m not so great at the sexy photos haha. I love the photo of the mushroom. The vibrant red in contrast to the earthy tones in the background…reminds of the beauty that can be found even in dark times.

    1. Nature is one of the most beautiful and consistent things there is, and I don’t think we appreciate it even remotely as much as we should. Next weekend I have another outing planned, and can’t wait to just be outside, and enjoy/ Thank you for your comment, Sass 🙂

  3. Just WOW – these are amazing! Really fab and great you list the tech bits too. Are you putting all these in a scroll through gallery on your blog?

    1. Thank you, May! And that’s a good idea, adding a scroll though gallery on my blog. I will look into that 😉 xox

  4. This makes me think I might need to break out my camera again. Nature and natural setting being my favorite. That beautiful mushroom is the best and one of the things I enjoy most to hunt for on an outing.

    1. Oh I love that too, to go into the woods with my daughter and hunt for those beautiful mushrooms! You should indeed get your camera out 🙂

    1. Thank you, Brigit. Nature indeed has so much to offer 🙂

  5. I enjoyed seeing your photos, Marie. The fly is an amazing shot, as is the squirrel. And I do know how hard it is to try to photograph an airplane, nicely done!

    1. Thank you, Elliott. I am particularly proud of the fly shot 😉

  6. A photography outing sounds fun, I must really get back into it. I enjoy your ‘normal’ images, they are really well captured.

    1. Thank you, PS. And indeed, you should get back to photography too 🙂

  7. These pictures are gorgeous Marie, absolutely lovely x

    I always enjoy reading about your adventures!

    Thank you for sharing ?

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