Loyalty to self

Independence is loyalty to one’s best self and principles, and this is often disloyalty to the general idols and fetishes.

— Mark Twain

I wouldn’t call myself disloyal to any general idols and fetishes, or anything at all, as I am too much of a people-pleaser and tend to either be disloyal to myself than others. This is something I am working on. Hard. It’s a slow process, and maybe by the time I am labeled an ‘elder’ I will finally have managed this.

Up to then, I look at images like these and as I study it, I see the (mostly) independent woman I am.

… I have fat rolls, and I am perfectly fine with that.

… I have a big, round bottom, which I am actually quite proud of.

… I have tattoos on my body, which I love, even though others might frown on it.

… I am allowing my grey hair to grow out, showing my age, and I love it.

I am who I am… just me!

I know who I am, know what makes me tick, know what I believe in, know where I come from, and know where I am going. I want my loyalty to be to who I am, to stand firm in my own beliefs, and not to change myself to what others want me to be. I have done this too many times in my life, and it never worked out well. This to me is a constant learning curve, but like I said, I might finally master it when I am more grey than I am now.

I hope I do…

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17 thoughts on “Loyalty to self

    1. Thanks, Elliott. And you are right, the learning curve never stops, and that’s good!

  1. The things you say about how you’re not ashamed of your fat rolls or grey hair speak the truth so loudly with what I see in you and how you are and I think it is admirable because we all know how dann hard it is to love ourselves. And while you’re still on that journey, it feels like you’ve already come a far way

    1. Thank you, ML. It’s good to know that what I say I am, comes across loud and clear in my actions too. And, in person I am the same as I am online, although at first I might be shy 😉

  2. This is lovely – the casual way you have done your hair and the colour of your knickers, striking against the background
    May xx

  3. I love this. You are so strong to embrace who and what you are. I aspire to be more like that and to have the courage if my own convictions. ?

    1. I wasn’t always like this, but in the past months something seemed to have changed. Still pondering the words to share 🙂

  4. You are beautiful, Marie. Coming to the age where we begin to embrace ourselves as women, whatever state we are in, to appreciate our “imperfections” as natural outcomes of the life we have lived…that is perfection. It is where we find peace. I find it occasionally. More now than I ever have. (And hallelujah to not coloring our hair anymore, eh!?)

    I love how you are reclined here. The soft curves. Your hair pulled back. It’s perfect.

    1. Thank you so much Brigit, for your lovely comment. I do agree, we come to an age where we are much more accepting of ourselves. I have been pondering this a lot in the past weeks, and there is a blog post brooding. And yes, YAY for not coloring anymore. It’s so freeing! xox

    1. Aww, thanks PS. I actually really like the grey. It’s almost like an ash blond color 😉

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