Caging my head!

I have never had rope tied around my head, and when I saw ML’s prompt I was actually intrigued. The image with the knot between the eyes, instantly made me wonder whether it would feel as ‘comforting’ as a chest harness, or whether it might cause a headache. I was excited to try it, and made sure Master T was up for helping me again.

The preparation

I grabbed a three-meter-piece of rope from upstairs — the bright pink again — and opened the video of the head cage on my phone.

I had to tie the double coin knot, and followed the picture tutorial for that. It took a while to figure it out, but finally I had the first knot. I measure the second one, and sat down on the floor again to tie the second double coin knot. That’s when I almost gave up. It took me about ten times as long to finally get it done than the first one did.

Doing the tie

Once the double coin knots were done, it was time to do the head cage. I tried to get the rope to stay under my chin, but it kept on slipping. Not only that, but the top part also slipped off my hair (it’s very soft). Pushing through, I thought that once I had the coils around the rope on my cheeks, it will pull the rest somewhat tighter. That worked. Then I continued watching the video, and I had to tie another double coin knot. Err… what?! In the back of my neck? Blindly? Never! Yes, I could’ve asked Master T, but he is in nowhere handy with rope. Scaring him off is not what I wanted to do, because I love that he is willing to help me.

I cheated.

I asked Master T to just make a knot in the back of my neck, and showed him how the rest needed to be tied. Since I was already happy with the front, and honestly didn’t worry much about the back, because we were doing something together again.

The photos

Of course I had to document this, but I didn’t want to show my face from the front, for obvious reasons. I was going to do the photos by myself, but just as I wanted to go upstairs, I asked Master T if he wanted to help, and to my surprise he said yes and followed me upstairs. So the photos are all his creations.

An image of my head, seen from the side, with the pink rope of the head cage running along the side of my head from front to back.
I am really more grey than I realized!
An image of me lying on my back, showing the head cage from the top of my head.
I had this shot in mind before we started, and Master T perfectly understood what I wanted.
A close-up image of the pink knot in the rope, resting between my eyes, and of course my eyes are visible too.
I love this shot!

Just for the record…

Even though I loved the feeling of the rope around my head, after about ten minutes I started feeling a headache coming up, and knew I wouldn’t be able to have the pressure of the knot between my eyes there for hours. Not that I was planning to wear it for hours, but if ever we use this in a play session, this is something I will have to take into account.

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15 thoughts on “Caging my head!

  1. Wow, the rope work looks really cool <3.
    Do you happen to know if having knots over 'Trigger Points' that are worked on in Pilates is effective at releasing fascia? For instance, back of the neck, shoulders, and pelvis.

    1. Thanks, LB!
      Now there is an interesting question. I don’t have the knowledge to answer your question, but it would be worth looking into this!

  2. We missed this task again but I would be cautious like you about the headaches. Maybe it would be better to wait until I have one and see if that works to get rid of it lol. I like the middle picture best as it seems more suggestive and like there might be a story to go with it. Which of course there was. ?

    1. In that second shot I was on the bed, my feet up on my pillow and I just lay there, my eyes closed, and listened to the clicking of the camera as Master T took the images. I was quite relaxed! And, if you do try this tie when you have a headache, I want to know if it helps 😉

  3. Oh Marie you did brilliantly with this – I wanted to try it but went to the beach! I must do better – really love the middle shot – u look so relaxed
    May xx

  4. Every time you use this rope my first thought is how pretty this pink looks on your skin. I love the last close up picture, you can see your eyes smile ??

    Like you I cheated on the knot behind my head and to be honest, who can blame us! I felt the same about the knot. The designers of this harness didn’t really think the possible headache thing through.

    1. I am ‘glad’ to see I am not the only one who got a headache, although I think your solution with the mask was brilliant. I need to practice that knot some more until I ‘get’ it 😉

  5. It came out so well on you. Your rope looks a bit thinner than mine…maybe I need to get a thinner rope and see if it works.

    1. I think the knot would’ve been even more difficult to make with a thicker rope. We have a rope that is thinner, but far too long for this tie. It will, however, be great to use for the newest challenge 😉

  6. Well … the patience from the both of you certainly paid-off.
    Lovely photos … and I LOVE the knot in your last photo.
    Very impressive … well done to the both of you.
    Xxx – K

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