I don’t believe in fate, and then again I do…

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I know, the title is a bit confusing… do I believe in fate or not? I hope this post brings an answer to that article, for me and for you. You see, Master T always says there is no such thing as fate, but somehow deep down I believe that some things can’t be explained. Or can they?

Meeting Master T

The first thing my mind turned to is how I met Master T. At first he was just a business relationship, someone I ordered software from, and he wasn’t even my contact but my ex husband’s, although I was always the one doing the ordering. When I left the ex husband, and once I was in my new place, I ordered some new software from Master T, and we started emailing each other. The rest is history.
Was it fate that the ex husband gave me Master T’s name to order software? Did fate lead Master T and me to each other, to finally find happiness in our lives?

Landing my job

Another thing is when I think of my work. From 1998 up to the beginning of 2001 I worked for a branch of a company which was eventually made redundant. Not the company, but the branch. I found another job, but five months later I was back at the same company, in a different branch. I worked there for six months but couldn’t handle working for a specific lady, and left. In that administrative office we did some work for another company, and the owner of that company asked me to stay, as he liked the way I did my job. I told him I couldn’t, but that maybe ‘in a year or two’, I will be ready to come back. That was December 2001, and I left on the eleventh of that month. Of course our ways parted, and as it goes, there was no contact anymore.

Mid November 2003 I was called by an ex-colleague who still worked for that company. Only thing is, she didn’t call me. Her phone called me from her bag, and it just so happened that she heard someone say ‘hallo… hallo?’ and took her phone out of her bag to hear who it was. We had a brief chat, but it was uncomfortable, as we haven’t spoken to each other for two years. We wished each other well and that was that. Two weeks later she called me and offered me her job. She was about to leave, and the owner of the company had asked her to call me. She did, I went for an interview and on 8 December 2003 I was back in the company, just short from two years since I have left, and I still work for the same company.
Was it fate that her phone called me that day?

Years later

Sometimes things happen in my life, and at the moment I think ‘this was fate’ until I sort of analyze the situation and realize that it’s not fate, but it happened because of choices I have made earlier in my life. Where I do believe that some things can be classified as fate, I also believe we are the makers of our own destiny. I believe in cause and effect. Decisions we make now, can have effect on things that happen later in our lives. Sometimes it takes years for us to see the effect of our choices, but I believe every choice we make in our lives, eventually has effect on the course our lives will run.

So can this be called fate? Maybe it can, but it’s not an inexplicable thing then, but something that can be traced back to decisions we have made earlier in life. One thing I firmly believe is that had I not gone through my first two marriages, and was ‘shaped’ by them, I wouldn’t have appreciated Master T the way I do.

My parents

Another thing that have been going through my mind over and over again: my parents. Back in May 2007 I traveled to South Africa to say goodbye to my father, because my brother said he wouldn’t make it to the end of the year. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer some years before that, and his health was very bad in 2007. My mom on the other hand, was doing well, despite developing COPD. She worked a lot, went out for lunch and dinner or to the casino, visited us frequently, went on holidays to several countries and had a full life, while my father was mostly at home because of sleeping with an oxygen mask every night.

We always thought my father would be the first to go, but here we are, in 2020 and my father is still alive. Yes, he’s still on oxygen. No, he doesn’t have prostate cancer, because apparently the diagnosis was not correct. He gets pneumonia every year, sometimes more than once, but at 79 he’s still alive and still working!

Has fate decided my mom should die at just 70? Did fate decide my father should outlive all his brothers (they all died before they were 65). Or wasn’t it fate, but the choices they made in life? My father had a cancerous growth in his mouth in 1985, an stopped smoking cold turkey. My mom smoked until about four years before she passed (she had smoked for 50 years). Maybe it’s because my father frequently goes to the doctor, and my mom always waited too long? Maybe it was just genes, although my grandmother (mom’s mother) only passed when she was 83.

No answers

So I get back to the title of the article… I don’t believe in fate, and then again I do. I think there are some things that can’t be explained; that can’t be traced back to earlier choices. I also think that many things — the majority — that happen in life, happens because of earlier choices, but we quickly classified it as ‘fate’.

At the end of the day, I still firmly believe we are the makers of our own destiny!

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10 thoughts on “I don’t believe in fate, and then again I do…

  1. I do know what you mean as some coincidences seem too much to be accidental. On the other hand some things just don’t make sense so I am with you and being unsure whether I believe in fate or not ?

    1. I don’t think I will ever believe in fate 100%, or not believe in it 100% 😉

  2. That handbag call! what an odd thing to happen. And thank goodness you met Mr T – be that just coincidence or fate. It is an odd thing as we can’t prove it. But I do think many things that can’t be proven do exist.

    1. I totally agree, May. Sometimes it’s better not to try and prove something, but just accept that it has happened, and see the positive side of it 🙂 xox

  3. I think you made some valid points that many people could agree with when it comes to fate. Some events are very logical.. 1+1=2. There are those that leave us questioning logic or reason though and that in itself is intriguing.

  4. There is some of life we can control then out of left field there is some twist of fate that runs us down. It is easy to understand when we fail but it is harder to understand those crushing twists of fate.

    1. As long as we always make the best of it, and see the positive side, it’s good 🙂

  5. I agree with how you see fate. Some occurrences will seem trivial or just random luck to some people, but sometimes you just know it’s fate, that’s it’s more than random.

    Great post, Marie ☺️

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