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When MLSlave started her Tie Me Up meme I really wanted to get involved, but as always I took a long while to think about it, whether I would be able to tie myself in rope. As it frequently goes with things, I kept on putting it off, until ML said that the ‘next prompt’ would be an easy one. I decided if I don’t get involved now, I never will!

A core?

ML always gives links to tutorials on how to do self ties, and this time was no different. I opened the link and scrolled through the tutorial, and the first problem I ran into was the core they mentioned. A core? I had nothing to use for a core and no matter how hard I looked around my studio – where I was doing the tying – nothing seemed suitable to use.

Then I remembered: years ago I was gifted ‘Japanese sticks’ for my hair, and I have never used them, but also never got rid of them. I raced down to the bedroom, retrieved them from the drawer with other unused hair bits and voila! I had a core for the rope gag.

The gag

Making the gag was not difficult. I did hit a wobble on the first try, as the loop wasn’t wide enough, but I quickly restarted and within a matter of minutes, the tie was done. For some moments I sat wondering what to do with the rope I had left, and then just decided to tie that behind my head.

The camera was already set up. I shot a couple of photos and looked back at them, and I looked ridiculous. You see, I am not a fan of gags, and the way I had that thing clamped between my lips made that quite obvious. I knew I had to open my mouth wider and really put it in my mouth… sort of. I won’t lie, I gagged a couple of times, but I did it, and I am quite satisfied with how the pictures came out!

From the front
From the side

Had Master T been the one to put the gag in my mouth, it would definitely have been tighter in my mouth, I am sure of that!

After doing this tie, I did two more of the previous prompts for Tie Me Up Tuesday, but those images I will show another time.

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 Tie Me Up Tuesday
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16 thoughts on “Rope Gag

  1. I didn’t use a core in my rope gag and it worked find without one! You know, it is funny because I think I look ridiculous in gagballs too, and the rope gags. I feel like they accentuate my double chin, and make my lips look thinner than they are. I think you look beautiful in these images!

    1. Aww thank you Devie, but I totally echo you on the gags accentuating things I don’t want, like indeed, my double chin! And to not even speak of the drooling… thankfully that didn’t happen in these images, but only because I was the one in control πŸ˜‰

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the way it feels but there is something about the way it looks. I really like this picture of you ?

  3. Love how you made that Marie and the pink rope. Great colour. I have pink bondage tape and was going to use that but it didnt work as well as my scarf

    1. I love the bright color too. We also have blue rope and I might mix the two for a next tie πŸ™‚ xox

  4. Haha! β€˜I looked ridiculous.’ That’s the whole point of a gag, duh ;p
    You found a creative solution for the core. I considered using a pencil!
    I really like your pink rope and I think you captured it quite wonderfully on these pictures. I specifically like the one from the side as this gives quite a different view.
    Did you show the pictures to Master T afterwards?

    I’m so glad you’ve decided to join in! ?

    1. Haha I know, but I still looked ridiculous πŸ˜›
      I have indeed showed him the pictures and will continue to show him with future ties I do πŸ˜‰

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