No Consent: Yvonne’s first letter

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Yvonne’s first letter
June 1994

Continued from… The New Club

3 June
Annie reluctantly called the paper to place the first advert for the new club. He had decided Annie would help him with the club, whether she wanted to or not. Neither Annie nor Fran had the guts to tell them they didn’t want him to restart the club.

5 June
Annie and Fred were busy creating entry forms and welcoming letters for the new club. It seemed like Fred wanted a more professional approach for the club than he did in the past. He outlined his administrative plans for the club: the moment they received a letter from an interested lady, she would be sent an entry form on which she had to fill in her name, address, telephone number and other personal information. On receipt of the completed entry form, either Fran or Annie would call the woman and welcome her to the club. If the woman failed to mention her telephone number, she would be turned down as a member of the club. This, according to Fred, was to rule out any jokers. Annie instantly thought of ‘Yvonne’. It might end even before it really began.

Once Fran or Annie had spoken to the new applicant on the phone, the welcoming letter and a list of names and addresses of other club members would be sent to the new member. No one had to pay for membership, but it was compulsory for each club member to send a picture of herself. In addition, Fred decided that from then on he would record all the telephone conversations. This way, Fred had explained with a sly smile, he would not only know exactly what was playing in the club, but also what was happening in his household.

Annie actually enjoyed working with Fred, even though she had her objections about the club. Fran sat reading in the living room, and their time together made Annie feel closer to Fred.

That evening Fred was content with himself. He was happy with their preparations. All they had to do now was to wait for the first letters to arrive. The next day the advert would run in the papers for the first time.

10 June
Annie walked into the living room earlier than normal, and immediately recognized the letter Fred handed her. The previous day they had received two other letters and that morning, on her way to work, Annie had mailed entry forms to the interested women. She had been annoyed that Yvonne’s letter hadn’t arrive yet, but the postal services had never been trustworthy. As she took the letter from him, it seemed Fred was more excited about this letter than he was about the other two.

Concentrating very hard, Annie read the letter calmly, word by word. Fred watched her closely, waiting for her reaction. Dispassionately she handed him the letter after reading it.
“Shall I send her an entry form as well?” Annie asked with a businesslike voice.

Fred held up the unsealed envelop with Yvonne’s address already written on it.
“I have an entry form in here, but you’re going to write a short letter to go with the form.”
“But,” she protested immediately, “that’s not the procedure we agreed on.”
“I know, but this letter is really special. She wants to gain experience with a woman in bed. I think that’s reason enough to send a special note with the form,” Fred explained, waving the envelope in the air.

So, Annie thought, Yvonne had his attention.
He took the bait just as she thought that he would!

Fred dictated the letter to Annie, and she wondered why he couldn’t have typed it himself. Fran signed her name under the letter, just as she had always done with correspondence for the previous club. The letter warmly invited Yvonne to return the entry form as quickly as possible and it promised her that she would experience ‘the time of her life’. This letter had almost the exact same words as the letter Annie had received from the club a couple of months earlier.

Fred didn’t want to wait until after the weekend for the letter to be sent off in the mail. Annie had to drive into town with him and he watched her closely as she dropped the letter in the mailbox. Unknowingly, he played right into Annie’s hand.

To be continued… Lily (part 1)

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